Monday, 27 April 2009

A little haul

Howdy :)

So it's student loan time and thus a few things have been bought :) just a few today in mac (i was very good!)

I got a new moisturecover - this is the only concealer from mac that doesn't make me look crap again after half an hour :) I also got the 182 :D its so so so so soft and was the last one there...had to have it :)

Also picked up club e/s (a green brown duochrome) and cranberry e/s (which is pretty self explanatory lol).

Hmmm where else did I go? oh yes, superdrug - not really impressed with the GA lashes :( just dont look too nice to me so I picked up 2 barry m nail polishes - 161 vivid purple which is lovely and 295 turquoise which I cant wait to put on :) and......a lip paint 129 the purple one :) have been thinking lately about starting to wear lipsticks etc as I'm usually a gloss and balm kinda girl!

Over the weekend a few bits were purchased but they're coming from the US so I shall write about them when I get them (I personally blame Nicola for these purchases as I seen them on her blog so of course I purchased a few bits too lol) mainly pressed pigments and pigment samples.

Also hit my CCO at junction 1 on Saturday and picked up the redhead msf for £9.9...something lol (wasn't anymore than £10!) and a few random lipbalms from Claire's (rainbow drops for my sis and I got a double dip which smells of pineapple :D yum)

If I could figure out how to put pictures on this...I would but so far that aspect of this blog has not came to me :(

Went back to uni today...was rubbish :( was SO hard listening to everyone talking about how much they loved teaching in tech when before we went out teaching everyone bar me didn't want to go :( I did feel myself welling up at one point as I was so frustrated with it all :( It should've been me talking about how good it was :( GRRRR

Next few weeks are crazy for me though, two bits of coursework due within a week and then have to decide topic for my dissertation next year (have an idea but not sure if I can do it or not) and then try to get my teaching sorted again (hoping to do 2weeks in June and then 2 in September) so there's not too much to be done before heading straight back to uni end of Sept....

It's all fun isn't it? lol

Hope everyone is well :)

Speak soon


Thursday, 16 April 2009

What I'm using right now...

This is quite long...I apologise in advance!

I also apologise for the amount of questions in it too... :S

SHAMPOO:Naked Colour – Richness Revelaed Colour Protection…pretty good smells like cinnamon YUM!

CONDITIONER:Same as above…smells the same but not really enjoying it, makes my hair feel weird!

STYLING PRODUCTS:LOVE using CHI silk infusion – love the smell it gives my hair J after straightening I like TIGI after party and sometimes if I’m going out the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Dehumidifier - HATE the smell of it though

SHOWER GEL:Body shop pomegranate YUMMMM

BODY MOISTURISER:Body Shop pomegranate again YUMMM lol and if skin is really bad the body shop hemp one (looks horrendous but is really nice and calming!)

DEODORANT:Radox daily elements – only one I’ve ever liked (and bought loads as back ups hehe) doesn’t matter what smell, I like them all!

FAKE TAN:NADA – pale and I’m ok with that lol! If heading out use a bit of the sunshimmer because tan just makes me feel a million times better when out! (may have to give that new loreal sublime one day though – seems to be the same theory of SS)

CLEANSER:My super crappy skin has never taken and been ok with a cleanser so none!

EYE MAKEUP REMOVER:Baby wipe to start, then simple eye make up remover pads then baby wipe again

EXFOLIATER:Good ol St Ives! Even for my crappy sensitive to everything skin, it works wonders (as I look in my drawer I realise I’m nearly out of it :S)

TONER:Lush breath of fresh air – really like using this! Would LOVE to try the tea tree one but think it would dry my face out too much L is it really drying to anyone out there using it?

MOISTURISER:Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion with lavender – hasn’t worked out too bad so far (been using it since Feb) skin seems to be ok with it and it hasn’t made me itchy or break out!

Ooh just remembering, have also been using Garnier Pure A daily treatment on my “bad” areas aka chin and nose (desperate for blackheads) lovely info I know lol. As it contains salicylic acid it really has helped me! And all for £3 in tesco at the minute I’m not complaining

EYE CREAM:Used benefit EyeCon for ages…I have horrendous darkness under my eyes and surprise surprise, it did NOTHING for me L use No 7 awakening gel and its nice and hydrating!

PRIMER:When I can be bothered I smashbox photo finish - /I know it feels a bit slimy but I do like it.

FOUNDATION:I’m not a foundation wearer everyday – only on special days where I REALLY need to look decent and nights out. When these times come around I use MAC select in NW 20

CONCEALER:My MUST HAVE PRODUCT EVERY DAY!!!! I’ve tried them all, only starting to appreciate my studio sculpt (again NW 20 but am beginning to think it should be NC… I dunno) also really love bobbi brown creamy concealer(with the powder on the bottom) in sand.

Last time I was in House of Fraser in Belfast I was having a wee look at the BB counter, the RUDE MUA suggested I try the corrector in light bisque…she was rude so I didn’t bother (and usually buy my BB from the counter in Debenhams where they’re all lovely) has anyone out there got it/tried it? Should I get it?

POWDER:Don’t use it due to try skin and am afraid of looking like a lizard to be honest lol J but have been told the MSFs aren’t really drying so could possibly use it as everyday “foundation”…again, suggestions?

BRUSHES:Face: MAC 187 – LOVE it! Do I need the 188 too? (I just like the look of it tbh hehe),Concealer: MAC 190 to slap it on lol and sometimes if I’m not venturing out and thus don’t need too much on just the Mac 194 (which seems so small and crap at times too! Thinking of getting the BB one.

BLUSHER:Loving Sweet William blushcreme – such a nice wee flush of colour J and Benefit throbbbbb (which I cant find right now…hmmmm)

HIGHLIGHTER:Benefit high beam – tried it out in the realness of concealness set first and did fall in love with it!

EYESHADOW BASE:Urban Decay Primer Potion...don’t like TFSI dunno why tho :S

EYE SHADOWS: Lately none – being lazy hehe

EYELINER:MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and waveline (not together of course!) Waveline is a really nice blue and makes my greeny/borwny/bluey eyes really stand out J

Also love UD glitter liners J have 7 of them all dif colours – white,green,blue…etc etc, just love how they apply and how they make me feel when I have my “sparkles” on – its my signature look lol

EYELASH CURLER:Mister Mascara…I have 2, if I pick up the wrong one of the two it catches my skin near my tear duct and hurts (I honestly don’t know why I simply wont throw it out!)


MASCARA: ah my weakness….I currently have 16 in my wee drawer (most unopened don’t worry!) ranging from MAC prolong lash, Plush lash(LOVE) zoom lash, Max Factor false lash, Masterpiece max (LOVE) a few No 7’s and benefit BADgal (one in black, blue and plum)

My everyday would be masterpiece max – love how it makes my lashes look! Special days would be false lash(one coat) and two coats of plush lash

LIPSTICK:None, lip gloss and balm all the way – love MACs C thru. Cant wait for dazzleglasses – loving the look of the purple one (funtabulous or something like that lol) and also sugar rimmed!

NAIL COLOUR: Currently rocking Nail Envy (clear!) lol (Nails Inc simply wasn’t cutting it for me) but love dark blues and purples and black on my nails! Usually go to rimmel for nail polish but love MAC Naughty Nautical (deep blue) and Nails Inc Victoria (Deep plumy red)

Monday, 13 April 2009

Well hello :)

Firstly, hello to my TWO lovely followers (Lydia and Alexis!) HELLO :)

Did a wee spot of shopping today at my local CCO and then headed to Belfast for a wee nosey a rush atm so will tell all very soon!

I've also decided that after hunting EVERYWHERE for my camera that it has definitely disappeared and thus i shall have to buy a new one :) until then I'll just have to make do with the rubbish camera on my Iphone :S

Will write again soon,

Hope you have had a great Easter :)