Wednesday, 30 September 2009

September Favourites

Howdy :)

So rather than lying around all evening I thought I would do something constructive - blog :D these photos have not came out in the order I wanted but awk well, I'll just have to make do!

First up with have MAC Naked Honey Salve. I LOVE this stuff, it honestly feels weird when I use anything else on my lips now! I've also been having such an attack of dry skin (a particularly lovely patch is right in the middle of my forehead :S) and this is great for putting a wee bit on and gives it lots of moisture without making me look like a big greasy ball...score! It's beginning to get very low, I'm just glad I have another for when this one has popped it's clogs!

Next up is China Glaze in Sexy in the City and Seche Vite. The colour is just beautiful - really bright vibrant turquoise colour, and although I only discovered how to use seche properly the other night! I've been using it when the nail polish was pretty much dry rather than damp :S but I just love the finish it gives the nails - nice and shiny and no chips whatsoever (and when i get annoyed and peel it off :S I know, I know! it comes off all in one nice big bit rather than silly wee bits).

This spray is a random wee cheapie I picked up in Primark in Belfast a while back now, it was a whole £1 and is "Copacabana tropical body spray"...beautiful beautiful smell! It's great for a wee spritz to lift your spirits lol and, this week I have been nearly at uni and it suddenly dawns on me that I haven't put any perfume on, this is always in my bag and I've had so many people ask me what it is :) and all for a pound...great!

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque - this stuff has been like my best friend lately! It's just a pinky colour that I have been using on the darkest part of my under eye bags (right in the inner corner) and it makes me look so so awake! There have also been quite a few mornings that this has been all that is under my eyes - no concealer which is unheard of for me! Highly recommend!

Ooh Mr 182 and Perfect Topping - match made in heaven. I love Mr 182, so soft and really applies the MSF perfectly just to the top of my cheekbones giving me a subtle glow :) what's not to love about that? LOVING perfect topping...really gives such a pretty subtle glow and is not overly glittery, I can't think of a day lately where I haven't used this.

There are honestly days when I would use the purple veining as a slight blushly colour but the rest of those days I turn to thrrrob. I've had this quite a while now and would be my general everyday go to blush, gives a nice natural light pink colour to the skin (and doesn't irritate me unlike coralista :( ) would definitely recommend this to all those pale girls out there for a wee flush of colour.

Ahhhh, now these two are long time loves of mine - Masterpiece Max and No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil (black) although this is my new one that I am yet to use, the one in my makeup bag is all scrapped and grotty looking...classy ;) hehe. This mascara is definitely HG status, I honestly do not know why I have millions of other mascaras in my collection when I use this all the time - it makes lashes beautifully separated with a slight bit of volume and is VERY black! The pencil has been in my collection for a very long time - I would compare it to UD zero as it has great staying power on the waterline and does not budge for a good few hours - what more could you ask for?

There we have it, the items that I have been using pretty much on a daily basis for this past month. Style black is out tomorrow and nothing interests me apart from the volcanic ash exfoliator, hopefully get to pick it up in MAC first thing tomorrow as although I don't have class until 2pm, I have a meeting with the VP about a stupid mix up with my registration at 11am...EUGH :( so hopefully get to pick up that and give it a go :)

Hope you are all well and managed to get to the end of my rambles :)


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I have freedom again :D


Two posts in one night - haha I'm good...not!

Anyways, just a wee quick update to let you all know that my teaching placement has (pretty much) finished now :D I had my final visit from my (horrible) tutor yesterday and despite her parting shot of "you'll get a grade on Monday...if you've passed that is!" BITCH it was all good...

Well I say that but in reality the woman isn't too nice, firstly she said I looked very tired to which my response to her was "so would you if you were sitting working your ass off until 11/12/1 every night" so then she of course had to TRY and put me down again... "Do you really think that it is professional that you have bright red hair?" YES!!she actually said that!?!

You ladies all know how much I love my red hair (after getting the process perfected thanks to @vocaltest ) so yes, that set me off into a MASSIVE rant about how she is there to mark my teaching and analyse that, not my personal appearance! I told her that if I was in the school in jeans and had bright pink/green hair then fair dos,but no she had no right to comment on that... :) I had just had such a shitty lesson before that so wasn't in the mood to take any crap :D

Anywhooooo, I have freedom again and can't wait to get back to "normal". Also a quick WOOHOO to all 47 of you :) I remember starting this on my last teaching practice back in March when I was having a crap time thinking noone would ever ever read any of my nonsense :) it means alot so THANK YOU ever single person :)


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A wee update :)


So it has been a while...still out on my teaching placement so still have so little time to myself :( one week and a bit to go though so not too long until I have more free time!

All in all my placement is going really well :D school is good, teachers are amazing and so supportive and it's all just going good :). Had a visit from a tutor on Monday there and even though I didn't have any lesson evaluations completed (in my file, had a few done they just weren't there) and I also haven't even looked at starting and schemes or Units of Work...I told a wee fib and told him iI had a few sorted :S but it's all good because he told me to focus on 2/3 being finished rather than 5/6 bits of ones. (A unit of work is basically an overview of the weeks and what will be taught during that time - just key points etc) and as simple as that sounds, it's just hard trying to get all that completed on top of making worksheets, lesson plans etc etc...I know you probably won't have a clue what I'm on about but I'm telling you all anyways lol!

Ummm, not really much to update about as this has literally been consuming every second of life lately...this is the only reason I hate teaching practice and can't wait for it to be over! I honestly do love teaching, I promise lol!!

Anyways, I hope you are all very very well, and I shall hopefully have a few bits to blog about shortly :)


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Pretty New Polishes :)


So today, after much stressing didn't actually turn out too badly :D I started my teaching placement today and everyone (bar one snooty teacher!) was lovely! All really made me feel welcome and involved me in chats and talked away to me :) WOOHOO! The staff room is always the worst for me and the thing I always stress most about - I HATE staff room politics and "oh you can sit there or there..." etc :S but there was none of that :), granted I was very bored as I was sat there from 9am until 130pm doing NOTHING, but it was good!

Anyways, today is Sally's vat free day (at my local one anyways) so I got the card from the girl I work with and headed off lol. Only ended up with 4 things (one of which was a new tube of hair dye) but the polishes I got are so lovely I had to do a wee post!

To the left we have Turned up Turquoise (Neon) in this pic it looks really like peppermint patti but in real life its SO SUPER turquoise and pretty (although was rather disappointed to find that it dries rather matte :( ) and to the right we have Coconut Kiss. I have wanted this for ages, seen a girl working in sally's with it on months ago and its always out of stock! I spied it up beside the till and it had to me mine :D woohoo!!

Ooh I also got a cuticle oil but that's rather dull (and I also forgot to take the pic of it hehe).

Due to said placement, there will be very little from me :( I have to get my teacher head on (it's Miss Thomson from now on lol) but if I feel anything is interesting enough I'll try to fit it in and, I also have to review the La Roche-Posay stuff I got (thanks to Mizz Worthy!)

I shall still be twittering away (@lovesgreyboy) so come follow me if you don't already!

:) xx