Monday, 27 April 2009

A little haul

Howdy :)

So it's student loan time and thus a few things have been bought :) just a few today in mac (i was very good!)

I got a new moisturecover - this is the only concealer from mac that doesn't make me look crap again after half an hour :) I also got the 182 :D its so so so so soft and was the last one there...had to have it :)

Also picked up club e/s (a green brown duochrome) and cranberry e/s (which is pretty self explanatory lol).

Hmmm where else did I go? oh yes, superdrug - not really impressed with the GA lashes :( just dont look too nice to me so I picked up 2 barry m nail polishes - 161 vivid purple which is lovely and 295 turquoise which I cant wait to put on :) and......a lip paint 129 the purple one :) have been thinking lately about starting to wear lipsticks etc as I'm usually a gloss and balm kinda girl!

Over the weekend a few bits were purchased but they're coming from the US so I shall write about them when I get them (I personally blame Nicola for these purchases as I seen them on her blog so of course I purchased a few bits too lol) mainly pressed pigments and pigment samples.

Also hit my CCO at junction 1 on Saturday and picked up the redhead msf for £9.9...something lol (wasn't anymore than £10!) and a few random lipbalms from Claire's (rainbow drops for my sis and I got a double dip which smells of pineapple :D yum)

If I could figure out how to put pictures on this...I would but so far that aspect of this blog has not came to me :(

Went back to uni today...was rubbish :( was SO hard listening to everyone talking about how much they loved teaching in tech when before we went out teaching everyone bar me didn't want to go :( I did feel myself welling up at one point as I was so frustrated with it all :( It should've been me talking about how good it was :( GRRRR

Next few weeks are crazy for me though, two bits of coursework due within a week and then have to decide topic for my dissertation next year (have an idea but not sure if I can do it or not) and then try to get my teaching sorted again (hoping to do 2weeks in June and then 2 in September) so there's not too much to be done before heading straight back to uni end of Sept....

It's all fun isn't it? lol

Hope everyone is well :)

Speak soon



  1. My apologies!!! :) i'm a bad influence but if i'm poor i want everyone to be poor with me & looking fabulous!! ha ha :) xx

  2. this is true lol, at least we'll have pretty make up to put on whilst being poor :) xx