Thursday, 23 July 2009

Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Clearing Scrub

What follows is completely my own opinion and I bought this product with my own "hard earned" (lol) money and have been sent nothing! :)

So, after hearing of all the bloggers attending the Garnier event and receiving lots of goodies including the mentioned product I decided to check it out.

Yes I have dry skin but (nasty bit coming) I suffer from really bad blackheads on my cheeks, nose and chin :( and as of late they seem to be getting out of control so something has to be done...unfortunately this product isn't going to help me!

To be honest, since using this I have suffered badly from spots which I never usually get! As I sit here the original monster that was on my chin has subsided (slightly) but now has a new friend on the other side of my chin to join him. I have also found that it has dried the hell out of my skin :(

Therefore I personally feel that the jargon on the back from Garnier about wanting ... "instant effective action to help clear blackheads and fade marks..." is rubbish...for me! I do understand that the salicylic acid will dry out skin, but for me it is now drying out areas that I didn't even use it on and thus this is going to the back of the drawer/ in the bin :( which is disappointing as I did have high hopes for this!

How is anyone else using this getting on?

Speak soon xx

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Review: Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom

I've never heard anyone mentioning this stuff before so I thought I'd do a wee review.

I have crap skin :( I have had eczema all my life and in recent years when I get overly stressed (which is alot) my face seems to be the only place that is affected :( it goes BRIGHT red and extremely dry and red and scaly (lovely image i know!). So because of crap skin my confidence goes sub zero, doctors can't figure anything out so I took it into my own hands...

I received THREE great sized sample of the eye and face serum from the Origins counter in Boots in Belfast. Once I finished these I was fully intending on going back and getting the full sizes, until I was in the CCO one day and seen this three piece set for £25 (one bottle of the serum costs this alone).

The eye serum is amazing! Due to all the crappy steroids creams over the years my undereyes especially were as dry as anything and thus even makeup couldn't make them look better, this serum rehydrated them and thus using concealer actually makes a difference as the skin is smooth and well moisturised!

The face serum has done WONDERS for my neck, again because of all the creams (and a year long case of photosynthesised - I thought that's what plants did - obviously not as that's the doctors term lol) skin on my neck, the skin was horrendous and dry and easily irritable. This serum has well and truly pumped the moisture back into my neck, the only down side to this is that the huge mass of freckles on my neck are now a million times more noticeable!

Overall I would really recommend these products for anyone with extremely sensitive and dry skin as all the ingredients are really nourishing and have honestly done wonders for you can see from the picture all three of the products are on their very very last legs and thus will have to be repurchased in the near future!

I know this was a bit rambly, I apologise I'm just in the mood to chat :)

Speak soon xx

Monday, 20 July 2009

What's in my bag?

I'm on a roll! I love watching these on YouTube and reading them in blogs so here we go!

This is my zebra print bag from Topshop, it is huge (I hate small bags) and even though there's not too much in it at the minute, it can hold a crazy amount of stuff!

Ummmmm, sideways (sorry have no clue how to turn it round the proper way!) so yes, here we have:

  • Make up bag (see below for contents)
  • A dime bar (which was eaten after I took the photo) and a curly wurly,
  • Vicks breathe sensation gum (horrible stuff but is bright blue woohoo!)
  • A chuba chubs fruit lolly,
  • Hand sanitizer gel - just because!
  • Two mini pens with the four different colours on them,
  • Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Activator (only started using on Sat, will see how it goes and let you all know if you care!),
  • Diesel Fuel for Life perfume - love it,
  • Baby Sure deo,
  • Mac Naked Honey Salve - really loving this stuff! It really is amazing :) slap it on everywhere and makes it all silky soft - great :D,
  • Camera...never gets used and thus is dead,
  • Baby wipes (only a 24wipe packet to use for whatever is needed),
  • YuBe cream - japanese face cream that although is kinda mentholy it quite nice!
  • Mini fusa type thing :)

Not three much in my make up bag that I carry about with me! As you can tell its all about the eyes with me hehe :) We have:

  • Mister Mascara eyelash curlers, I like these and they look pretty,
  • Wee HK mirror from H&M,
  • Wee High beam and Ooh la lift from the realness of concealness kit,
  • Masterpiece Max (love), Lancome L'Extreme and Loreal explosion,
  • Bobbi Brown colour corrector in light bisque and MAC moisturecover in NW20
  • Victoria Secret Naughty Little Me blushing stick (goes really tingly when you put it on :S but gives a nice flush of colour),
  • Gosh Let's Twist eyeliner in Deep Sea (Navy) UD 24/7 in zero and yeyo,
  • BS Guarana lip butter (until I get my hand on the elusive yes yes...) blistex, and gosh lip jam in 101 and barry m lip paint purple one cant remember number and it's now lost!) and mac lustreglass I have no idea what it's called?! :S

So yeah, that's my bag :) not very exciting but it has given me something to do for the evening :). As I said, I love reading these so feel free to do a post!

Speak soon


TAG: All About Me :)

Yes I look like an idiot but oh well :)

No one tagged me to do this but I decided to do it because I'm bored!! I tag all of you that haven't done it :)

Me: Kassandra
Nicknames: Kass, red and kamundra egg :) lol
Birthday: 11th December
Place of Birth: Ballymena, Northern Ireland
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: Student teacher/ shop assistant
Residence: Antrim...boooo
Screen Name: lovesgreyboy
Hair Colour: Red (going the ginge way now though - will not redye for another TWO weeks...promise!)
Hair Length: Shoulder
Eye colour: Green/brown
Best Feature: Eyes
Height: 5ft 5?! not honestly sure
Braces?: When I was younger...
Glasses?: They're the weakest prescription and am supposed to wear them when using computer, never happens!
Piercing: Ears (twice) used to have belly button and tongue
Tattoos: One, REALLY want more though...
Righty or Lefty: Right
Your 'Firsts':
First best friend: Jennifer
First Award: Thing for hockey in primary school
First Sport You Joined: Hockey
First Real Vacation: The good ol' Portrush every summer :) loved it
First Concert: Boyzone :D hehe
First Love: Carlo...never felt anything remotely like that for anyone else ever.
Movie: Walle :D ps I love you, Sex and the City
TV Show: Prison Break and just because it's the summer Big Brother
Colours: Purple
Song: At the min, Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone (love the words) Plain White Ts - Hey There Delilah (even though it's hard to listen to sometimes) JLS - Beat Again
Candy: The fizzy worms in work HAALLLLLLLLLPPPPPPP love them
Restaurant: Yoko :)
Store: River Island
School: Antrim Tech - absolutely love that place and the teachers from there - definitely the best teachers I have came across my entire educational life!
Book: A Child Called It by Dave Peltzer, love this even though it's horrendous what he went through
Magazine: Weekly Look and More always buy these, read all the rest for free in work at the weekend hehe
Shoes: Leopard pumps
Feeling: Sore, back is a tad sore today :(
Single or Taken: complicated question right now
Eating: Nothing right now
Typing: This
Online: Yep
Listening To: Underage and pregnant on BBC 3 crazy :S
Thinking About: Going and running a bath
Wanting: Juice
Watching: The laptop screen and tv :)
Wearing: The usual - jeans and vest top
Want Children?: yea but not for 4/5 years
Want to be Married: Yes
Careers in Mind: Business Studies and Maths teacher, joy....
Where do you want to live?: Don't mind Antrim but would like to go abroad for a while and then perhaps England and then eventually come back here because I don't think this is a bad country to live in (It's not as bad as the news make it out to be)
Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger: No was never like that when out
Had Alcohol: Yes
Smoked: Yes
Ran Away From Home: Nope
Broken a bone: Nope
Got an X-ray: Nope
Broken Someone's Heart: Dunno
Broke Up With Someone: Yes
Cried When Someone Died: Yes
Cried At School: Yes
Do You Believe In:
God: Yes
Miracles: Not sure
Love At First sight: Yes
Ghosts: I really do, I actually think there's one in this house!
Aliens: Hmmmm, I think its hard to believe that the universe is this big and we're the only beings on it.
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: Yes
Hell: Not sure
Kissing on The First Date: Yes
Yourself: Depends on the situation!

Like I said, I tag everyone that would like to do this as I really enjoy reading these :)

Speak soon


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Boyfriend Post :)

I've been admiring these posts for a long time now and have decided to jump on the bandwagon as it is coming up to the anniversary of us meeting :)

So this is Carlo :) technically we should never have met! I used to work in security at the airport (wouldn't you feel safe with me searching people to let them on a plane?!?!?LOL) anyway...I was sent to a staff checkpoint as the other girl didn't show in. He came through and we were a wee bit flirty with each other, seen him a few times in about 1o minutes and he said to me he would be this time I had said to the ones I was working with I though he was lovely and what his name was. He was gone for AGES and I though I would never see him again, I was say inside and seen him driving up past coming my way again :D i gave him a big smile and he gave me his cheesy big grin back and waved.

He was asked by the guy working with me how to pronounce his name (he's chinese so it's a wee bit difficult to pronounce) just as well he did because he never came back :( I was devastated and seen him a few weeks later and said hello (which he denies as he says I ignored him!!) RUDEEEEEE hehe :)

By this stage I had heard he had been asking about me and my name, though I was cute etc, so my stalking tendencies came out and I tracked him down through bebo and the rest is history :) hehe. (Sorry I went on a bit but I remember this as if it were yesterday!)

This is a sneaky photo I took of him on our first weekend together :) We went to Portrush and arsed around on the beach (it was October and pretty cold but fun :D) he has changed SOOOO much from this picture, now he's so built and has big ol muscles :) hmmmmm

I love this photo :D shortly after we started hanging out he was in a car accident and it was hard to do anything as we live 25miles apart. This above photo is when we just used to lie for hours at night in his car and just talk about everything :) happy happy times!

I also love this photo (although wish I had never had my hair cut from this length :( grrr) this is our 21st birthdays (he's the 9/12 and I'm the 11/12) just a cute photo :) doing the nosey yeeeee

This looks so posed so but it's not...another sneaky photo of mine MWAH HAHAHA :) this is in Yoko in Coleraine, a favourite place of ours to eat (anyone in NI I would rec this place purely for their desserts!!)

This is the not impressed face last summer travelling from Manchester to his parents in Hull...I tend to see this face LOTS hehe :)

Cute pic when walking around York last August...this is a hard picture for me to look at because this was one of the worst days we have had, ALOT of things came out this morning before we left - things my family were up to (which have almost destroyed us :'( ) and things he had done...despite all this I just love this picture of him, its so natural and cute :D

Apart from the picture in the right sidebar this is my favourite picture of us together :) it is just a chilled and nice pic :) of him stealing my scarf (which he did alot around Belfast the next day)

I can honestly say I have never had one awkward minute with Carlo since I met him, we just fit together! We have had alot of downs - some of which will never ever leave me and my mind and have changed me, but we have also had SO many ups and experiences with each other that we never will with anyone else :) and for every single one I am so thankful!

He truly is my best friend and knows me better than I know myself most times :) I have NEVER had anyone in my life like him and he truly is one of a kind.

Since the day and hour I met him, he has occupied my is him and has only ever been him - my rarr rarr :)

He will never know the full extent to which he has touched my life and changed it for the better :) He is the first port of call for me for everything as his view on life is truly unique and his perspective of things will always be different to anyone else.

I do love him more than I could ever describe to anyone and to him, and I just hope he knows this, despite everything that may have happened :)

I'll stop now as I'm sure I'm sickening you all and when I read through this I start to cry :'(

Thanks for reading