Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Wow, I suck! I'm sorry :(

It's been so long since I've written anything! I have a HUGE amount going on at the minute - final year at uni with a dissertation etc to do *yea, yea excuses excuses I hear you all say* lol.

I really am sorry though :( I don't even have any time to watch yt videos or anything right now :S grrr. It's generally just a stressy and packed time for me with uni.

Apologies xx

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

More Goodies!


I initially thought I'd been really bad with my purchases but I haven' was very indulgent but i got them anyways hehe!!

So to begin, I went into Space NK as I wanted one of those class looking EOS lip things, but NOOOOOOO stupid Belfast shop sent all there's back as they weren't selling (I would have bought one today but obviously doesn't matter lol!)

Was having a wee scally about, do do doing to myself around the shop and ended up in front of the shu uemura stand...

Now, in my defense I DO need new eyelash curlers as my others have gone walkies and were at the end of their days anyway!

As you can also see from above I got the Urban Decay Complexion Primer - the pore perfecting one, this feels SO good! and therefore justified! (This was bought from Boots btw, not space nk!)

Next, I went back to visit the lovely people at Illamasqua - they really are so nice! all of them, not a sour looking face in sight (MAC take note!!!!!) I really loved the foundation and concealer the last day I was in and they made me over and wanted to pick them up.

In the end up I got the concealer as I'm still not wearing enough foundation to justify buying more when I don't use what I already have.

I picked up the under eye concealer in UC 210 - really nice shade on me and lasted through out the crappy day where I got soaked about 5 times until I just took it off. The polish caught my eye while I was standing chatting to the MUA and it's Muse from the Sirens collection. Now I know this is obviously an old collection but it was such a beautiful colour and looks so different when it's applied...had to have it!

And onto my last purchase, I was told this is the polish that Whitney wears on the new ad for the City and it looks stunning in the clip. I had honestly forgotten all about it until I was in House of Fraser and seen the rest of the collection sitting out. (It's Indigo blue FYI!) The area manager happened to just arrive as I was asking about it, luck would have it that she had just came from Debenhams and told me the Lancome counter there had one off I trotted (and got soaked again!) and completely forgot about the jacket I had went into HoF to look for...typical!

Was so chuffed once I got it hehe and it rather beautiful when (sloppily) applied but fear that it's not actually the polish that Whitney is wearing...I shall report further once it's applied properly!

Apart from that I bought a class new phone cover for my phone (black with silver sparkly stars) but forgot to take a picture of that and am too tired now :) I wasn't actually too bad compared to the damage I could have done so was pleased with myself!

Thanks for reading me lovelies!


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Clinique from the CCO

Yesterday I went to get file dividers (sorting my uni file out three weeks in...I'm a great student lol) and of course had to have a wee nosey. On Monday night I read Yinka's review on the Clinique Moisture Surge and thought it would be worth checking out.

I can honestly say that lately my skin hasn't been too bad minus a dry patch on my forehead that won't budge but in general it's been good and not too dry. I could tell by putting a tiny bit of this on the back of my hand in the shop that it would be great for me, it's a gel and immediately makes your skin feel super hydrated and smooth :) win!

I think for a 50ml tub of the moisture surge in the CCO was approximately £23 but this set I bought was just under £20!

This is the wee set I got, 30ml moisture surge face spray - smells just like fix+, superbalm moisturising gloss in currant and 50ml of the mositure surge :) bargain!

Of course whilst in the CCO you have to check out the mac bit, I was good and all I picked up were the following two shadows.

On the left we have espresso which is just a matte brown and on the right we have talent pool which is a gorgeous bluey green colur ( as you can see from the swatches below). Talent pool is one of the starflash eyeshadows and is so so soft, hope that maybe one day I'll come across smoke and diamonds in the CCO as I missed out on it during the summer :( booo!

So that is all for tonight! Not too much to report in general! Ooh however, if you're from the Belfast/ Northern Ireland area as a whole and fancy a wee night out on Sat (17th) Gemma (ladybolan) and myself are for heading out and anyone is welcome to come along for a wee meet up! Just leave a comment or a wee tweet on twitter (I'm lovesgreyboy ...go figure haha!)

Thanks for reading and hopefully speak soon!


Monday, 5 October 2009

(MORE) pretty new polishes :D

I went into Sally's the other day (both in Belfast and the Abbey Center!!) and neither had my hair dye :( so I decided I would treat myself to some "much needed" pretty colours! yea!!

Left to Right we have - flying dragon (neon) blue sparrow (neon) avalanche (< all China Glaze obviously!) and OPI reflecting pool. I know this is a mega bright picture with the flash but it really shows up how neon the first two are.

Here we have them without flash. The only one I have tried out so far is blue sparrow. As I found out with my previous neon polish from CG, is that they dry matte :( but it's all good with a load of seche vite on the top. Also this is packed full of glitter which made it very very hard to remove. This colour as beautiful as it was did not withstand my construction of my make up storage from ikea the other day :( BOOOOOOOOOO.

Ooh the CG i picked up £3.49 each 3for2 and the OPI was £4.65 with "my" Sally's card MWAH HAHAHAHA :) lol.

Right me lovelies, I'm heading out (can you tell I'm a tad tipsy from my ramblings tonight?!) Enjoy your nights and thanks for reading,


My first experience of Illamasqua :)

I am definitely on a roll tonight :D

Today was a lazy day, I didn't feel like sitting around the house all day so I went for a "nosey" in Belfast. I went back to Mac to check out feline but as I said even though I only swatched it on my hand, I have the feeling it would really sting my eyes so I walked away.

Was dandering around all the different shops, and nothing was catching my eye so decided to head back through Debenhams before going back to the car and remembered about Illa. Was standing looking at all the different blushes and one of the MUA approached me and made a comment about my hair etc etc and the conversation flowed from there. Now I am not one for small idle chit chat at all especially with people I don't know, but this did feel really genuine (whether it be good training or was a genuine interest I honestly felt it was natural and just good!!)

She asked me if I was looking for anything in particular, I said no so then she asked if I had time did I want a wee makeover...who am I to say no? I walked away with the following three items but could have walked away with everything including the brushes that she used on me!

Picture does not do the colours justice at all! The light one is called Slink and is such a beautiful highlight colour, when she set it down in front of me I knew I'd buy it lol, the darker one is an olivey green called Flasher - this is serious LOVE! I had been told that green would suit my eyes last week and honestly it's never been a colour that I've considered before. However once on it looked so nice and I had to have it! It is honestly stunning. The pencil is something that really took me ages to come around to, it's Severe, a reddy with a slight purple tinge to it and she used it in my brows - WOW the change it made to my whole face was crazy :S I've never touched my brows with regards to make up (I know I know) and now with the red hair they're just sort of there and REALLY noticeable as they're so dark, with this on they blended in with the hair though!

RUBBISH swatches: L - R: Slink, Flasher (is not brown) and Severe

As I'm sure you have all came to realise by now, this blog lacks major pics of me... I HATE pictures of myself!! I have such a big round face and photos make me hate it lol but I took a few pics earlier just to show (not that you can see the make up LOL) but I'll pop a few in anyways :)

(Ignore the big fat looking nose :S LOL)

I know I look grumpy as hell but I really like this picture! You can see the colour in the brows and how (I think anyways) they're not as harsh and just THERE as normally lol. And btw I only look grumpy as I took this pic basically staring at the sun - I'm a brain box me!!

Honestly think I will go back (at some stage) for the foundation and concealer she used on me as it made me look great and actually stayed on all day without highlighting all my dry patches! SCORE!

Anyways...I do have another post to do on a few fab polishes I picked up today but am gonna head out with huffy :)

Thanks all for reading


CCO :)

Howdy (again!)

SO... I do not like where I live, it's a rubbish wee town and not much goes on, I do however have an outlet place in it called Junction 1, 99% of the shops are complete poop and not worth going into lol but tucked in the back corner is the UK version of the CCO. As it's so close to me, I am in there quite a bit and on Saturday I picked up these few bits:

At the top we have 217 brush (£10.50), I have the wee red one from last year's Christmas set and use it quite alot so why not get a proper one?! At the bottom is the 224 (£15.00) the only tapered blending brush I have is a wee one from the original ELF line and it's not cutting it (as it went a weird shape when I washed it last :S) so decided to get this one!

Ahhhh, mutiny pigment (£10.50) :) I have always said that I would get I have! I have it in pressed form and do love it so hopefully I don't find this too difficult to work with (with it's looseness and going everywhere)!! In the middle is Nocturnelle nail polish (£5.60), it's autumn and thus time for dark colours on the nails (a later post will contradict this to no end but awk well!!) and the only black I have is an old Barry M one which has went all gloopy...purchase justified :D hehe.

And the final item is Greenstroke paintpot - my first paintpot!! (£8.21) I have samples of others and do like using this for added intensity and was recently told green e/s would suit my eyes so wahey!! I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I'm heading out on Wednesday night so hopefully get to give it a go then!

Mr Leung is being an arse tonight hence all the posts and I have another one to come after this hehe,

Thanks for reading,


Mac Style Black and Lush

Howdy :)

I had a few pennies to spend and the only thing that interested me was the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (I did go back today to check out the feline eye kohl and it gives me the impression that it'll will sting my eyes so decided to pass!)

I tried out the VAE last night, I have some lovely pics I took upon application (sent one to Carlo and he said "you look like a big turd" but if you all really want to see them I suppose I'll let some stage! The smell of the product is fine, didn't annoy me and now that I think about it I can't actually think of the smell at all. Quite gritty but felt nice on the skin and skin itself felt really smooth when I washed it off. This morning however is making me feel that it is too harsh for me :( my skin is quite irritated, sore and red :S so not sure right now but I am quite annoyed that it may have had this affect on me :(

So yup there we have the VAE and my back 2 mac lipstick (Front lit from the make up art collection), I don't "do" lipstick but this is just a nice goldy sheen to the lips which me thinks could look lovely with either goldyrocks or sugarrimmed over it :).

From Lush I received a sample of Skin Drink and Cosmetic Lad moisturisers as Celestial just sits on my skin and irritates me, I think I'm going to go for skin drink as the other smells too much like dream cream and I don't like that smell for my face lol!!

When I was there they were getting their christmas delivery - all the stuff looks amazing especially the angel delight (which I would happily just take one of the giant stars to have in my room as it looked class!) I picked up a fresher's pack - I know you can get three different kinds but the girls in the shop just told me the different things you could get so I went around and chose what I wanted:

(not pictured is a mini wee tub of skin drink that was included in the pack and rockstar as I used it last night!)

So we have a vitamin C and E toner tabs, I should coco, sugar scrub, a crash course in skincare and seanik solid shampoo.

So far all I have tried is the fresh face mask, I was a bit hesitant about doing it purely because of how stupid my skin is but it was lovely :) I can see why so many people are obsessed with these things! Skin felt tight when it was drying (I started to worry lol) but it was super super soft when washed off :) I just get annoyed at having to keep it in the fridge :S EUGH!!

Rockstar...honestly do not have an opinion about it at all. I don't feel that it left a scent on my skin but it did make my skin have that tight feeling that I hate when using soap (due to my eczema I haven't used soap in YEARS and now I remember why lol) and even though it was on my arms and legs, I just don't like that feeling at all.

Ooh I also bought yummy yummy yummy shower gel as I loved the smell of it but have yet to use it!

So overall Thursday wasn't as expensive as it could have been lol and I was pleasantly surprised by the lush goodies :)

Have a few other bits to blog about so there will be another one (possibly two blogs depending on how I feel ) tonight :)

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

September Favourites

Howdy :)

So rather than lying around all evening I thought I would do something constructive - blog :D these photos have not came out in the order I wanted but awk well, I'll just have to make do!

First up with have MAC Naked Honey Salve. I LOVE this stuff, it honestly feels weird when I use anything else on my lips now! I've also been having such an attack of dry skin (a particularly lovely patch is right in the middle of my forehead :S) and this is great for putting a wee bit on and gives it lots of moisture without making me look like a big greasy ball...score! It's beginning to get very low, I'm just glad I have another for when this one has popped it's clogs!

Next up is China Glaze in Sexy in the City and Seche Vite. The colour is just beautiful - really bright vibrant turquoise colour, and although I only discovered how to use seche properly the other night! I've been using it when the nail polish was pretty much dry rather than damp :S but I just love the finish it gives the nails - nice and shiny and no chips whatsoever (and when i get annoyed and peel it off :S I know, I know! it comes off all in one nice big bit rather than silly wee bits).

This spray is a random wee cheapie I picked up in Primark in Belfast a while back now, it was a whole £1 and is "Copacabana tropical body spray"...beautiful beautiful smell! It's great for a wee spritz to lift your spirits lol and, this week I have been nearly at uni and it suddenly dawns on me that I haven't put any perfume on, this is always in my bag and I've had so many people ask me what it is :) and all for a pound...great!

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque - this stuff has been like my best friend lately! It's just a pinky colour that I have been using on the darkest part of my under eye bags (right in the inner corner) and it makes me look so so awake! There have also been quite a few mornings that this has been all that is under my eyes - no concealer which is unheard of for me! Highly recommend!

Ooh Mr 182 and Perfect Topping - match made in heaven. I love Mr 182, so soft and really applies the MSF perfectly just to the top of my cheekbones giving me a subtle glow :) what's not to love about that? LOVING perfect topping...really gives such a pretty subtle glow and is not overly glittery, I can't think of a day lately where I haven't used this.

There are honestly days when I would use the purple veining as a slight blushly colour but the rest of those days I turn to thrrrob. I've had this quite a while now and would be my general everyday go to blush, gives a nice natural light pink colour to the skin (and doesn't irritate me unlike coralista :( ) would definitely recommend this to all those pale girls out there for a wee flush of colour.

Ahhhh, now these two are long time loves of mine - Masterpiece Max and No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil (black) although this is my new one that I am yet to use, the one in my makeup bag is all scrapped and grotty looking...classy ;) hehe. This mascara is definitely HG status, I honestly do not know why I have millions of other mascaras in my collection when I use this all the time - it makes lashes beautifully separated with a slight bit of volume and is VERY black! The pencil has been in my collection for a very long time - I would compare it to UD zero as it has great staying power on the waterline and does not budge for a good few hours - what more could you ask for?

There we have it, the items that I have been using pretty much on a daily basis for this past month. Style black is out tomorrow and nothing interests me apart from the volcanic ash exfoliator, hopefully get to pick it up in MAC first thing tomorrow as although I don't have class until 2pm, I have a meeting with the VP about a stupid mix up with my registration at 11am...EUGH :( so hopefully get to pick up that and give it a go :)

Hope you are all well and managed to get to the end of my rambles :)


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I have freedom again :D


Two posts in one night - haha I'm good...not!

Anyways, just a wee quick update to let you all know that my teaching placement has (pretty much) finished now :D I had my final visit from my (horrible) tutor yesterday and despite her parting shot of "you'll get a grade on Monday...if you've passed that is!" BITCH it was all good...

Well I say that but in reality the woman isn't too nice, firstly she said I looked very tired to which my response to her was "so would you if you were sitting working your ass off until 11/12/1 every night" so then she of course had to TRY and put me down again... "Do you really think that it is professional that you have bright red hair?" YES!!she actually said that!?!

You ladies all know how much I love my red hair (after getting the process perfected thanks to @vocaltest ) so yes, that set me off into a MASSIVE rant about how she is there to mark my teaching and analyse that, not my personal appearance! I told her that if I was in the school in jeans and had bright pink/green hair then fair dos,but no she had no right to comment on that... :) I had just had such a shitty lesson before that so wasn't in the mood to take any crap :D

Anywhooooo, I have freedom again and can't wait to get back to "normal". Also a quick WOOHOO to all 47 of you :) I remember starting this on my last teaching practice back in March when I was having a crap time thinking noone would ever ever read any of my nonsense :) it means alot so THANK YOU ever single person :)


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A wee update :)


So it has been a while...still out on my teaching placement so still have so little time to myself :( one week and a bit to go though so not too long until I have more free time!

All in all my placement is going really well :D school is good, teachers are amazing and so supportive and it's all just going good :). Had a visit from a tutor on Monday there and even though I didn't have any lesson evaluations completed (in my file, had a few done they just weren't there) and I also haven't even looked at starting and schemes or Units of Work...I told a wee fib and told him iI had a few sorted :S but it's all good because he told me to focus on 2/3 being finished rather than 5/6 bits of ones. (A unit of work is basically an overview of the weeks and what will be taught during that time - just key points etc) and as simple as that sounds, it's just hard trying to get all that completed on top of making worksheets, lesson plans etc etc...I know you probably won't have a clue what I'm on about but I'm telling you all anyways lol!

Ummm, not really much to update about as this has literally been consuming every second of life lately...this is the only reason I hate teaching practice and can't wait for it to be over! I honestly do love teaching, I promise lol!!

Anyways, I hope you are all very very well, and I shall hopefully have a few bits to blog about shortly :)


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Pretty New Polishes :)


So today, after much stressing didn't actually turn out too badly :D I started my teaching placement today and everyone (bar one snooty teacher!) was lovely! All really made me feel welcome and involved me in chats and talked away to me :) WOOHOO! The staff room is always the worst for me and the thing I always stress most about - I HATE staff room politics and "oh you can sit there or there..." etc :S but there was none of that :), granted I was very bored as I was sat there from 9am until 130pm doing NOTHING, but it was good!

Anyways, today is Sally's vat free day (at my local one anyways) so I got the card from the girl I work with and headed off lol. Only ended up with 4 things (one of which was a new tube of hair dye) but the polishes I got are so lovely I had to do a wee post!

To the left we have Turned up Turquoise (Neon) in this pic it looks really like peppermint patti but in real life its SO SUPER turquoise and pretty (although was rather disappointed to find that it dries rather matte :( ) and to the right we have Coconut Kiss. I have wanted this for ages, seen a girl working in sally's with it on months ago and its always out of stock! I spied it up beside the till and it had to me mine :D woohoo!!

Ooh I also got a cuticle oil but that's rather dull (and I also forgot to take the pic of it hehe).

Due to said placement, there will be very little from me :( I have to get my teacher head on (it's Miss Thomson from now on lol) but if I feel anything is interesting enough I'll try to fit it in and, I also have to review the La Roche-Posay stuff I got (thanks to Mizz Worthy!)

I shall still be twittering away (@lovesgreyboy) so come follow me if you don't already!

:) xx

Monday, 24 August 2009

My Mascara Collection

Howdy :)

I'm taking inspiration (not in any way shape or form copying lol!) Kelly (Kelanjo19) with a mascara collection. I do LOVE mascara, always have done and, no doubt, always will do. On a day to day basis, I don't wear any foundation or TM...only really would when I go out but mascara is a MUST all the time :)

I know the amount I have is a little excessive, however the vast majority of them haven't been used and are in there as they have been re bought when the previous has ran out :)

First up we have the Max Factor's. If I'm honest these are the boys I always come back to, despite all the other purchases below these truly are the best for me. My definite HG status goes to Masterpiece Max and 2000 calorie - both are love! Masterpiece Max makes my lashes look super long and fluttery :) while 2000 calorie makes my lashes so thick and full and just...yea! lol. Masterpiece waterproof was love but the formula really hurts my eyes (why I haven't thrown it out I don't know!?) Also there is More lashes - can't remember much about this so that probably says alot.

L'oreal...hmmmm not much to say here if I'm honest. My favourite would be the volume collagen however it is clump city :( Telescopic I really hate and have used once - just do not like the effect the weird brush gives and the blast one was good at the start ( I bought into the hype very much so lol) but I just find it too fidgety to get it to work!

I'm going to be controversial and actually admit to liking MAC mascaras. I have zoom lash (forgot I had but love this formula, really separates my lashes, have to pair it with another mascara on top though.) Pro long lash which I use ALOT for a simple natural look by itself as it makes you lashes look really fluttery, pretty and natural hehe and plush lash really thickens up my lashes and gives them a really fake look :D.

Here we also have two No 7, I like the colour and effect you get from the brush, (very similar to masterpiece max) but I do not like the fact that one hour after putting it on it's all flaky underneath my eyes :( no thanks! The Extreme Length does exactly that, really lengthens and separates the lashes for that fluttery look like I love but again flake city :(. Maybelline Colossal - HATE by itself but on top of another one (like zoom lash or the next Lancome) and it's fine and I really enjoy it :S and the last in this list is Lancome L'Extreme - I feel this has dried up since the second time I used it and thus I feel like it doesn't put any product on my lashes at all.

Last but not least is Benefit bad gal and two urban decay big fatty coloured. I loved these mascaras and only used them - these are the second (and original is third) tube of these. I love the big fat wand, the formula, how it makes my lashes look nice and full...I just don't use them at all and haven't for about a year now! Benefit was the first brand of make up I got into about 4 years ago and thus I do have alot of their stuff :S (and have wasted a small fortune on the gimmick of them and the actual uselessness of some of the products :( ). I love the UD big fatty coloured mascara :) I went through a big coloured mascara kick about a year ago, but as with the benefit ones I do love these but simply do not use them at all :(

This has really shown me that I do have an excessive amount of mascara but I'm honestly going to throw the rubbish ones that I don't use hope that I'll start using some of my neglected ones again!

Hope this wasn't too boring for you to read and hopefully help any of you looking at any of the mascaras mentioned :)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

My MAC Palettes

Howdy :)

It's been a wee while :) and to be honest, if I want to do any blogs I have a week of freedom left as my next placement starts NEXT TUESDAY :( and will honestly have no free time whatsoever :( grrrr!

So I decided that after having one palette filled for a good while now, and having purchased 3 new ones on Friday, that I would show you all my lovely wee collection!

Picture above is of the two lovelies side by side :) such a sense of pride looking at them lol.

Above is said completed palette :) Honestly don't have any order of having them in here, may do this eventually when I have lots more! SO

(First Row) L-R Teal (pressed pigment), Juxt, Cranberry, Femme Fi and Vanilla (pp)
(Second Row) Mutiny (pp), Henna, Pink Venus, Wonder Full and Naked (pp)
(Third Row) Deep Blue Green (pp), Club, Top Knot, Satin Taupe and All that Glitters

LOVES would have to be Femme Fi, Mutiny - actually want to buy this pigment :) and alot lately just having Top Knot smudged into my upper lash line, easy and pretty smoky ish eye :)

HATES pink venus...not a pink person at all, never have been! This was bought after the MA used it on me, swatched once... :S I dunno lol.

The newbies lol! Over to the right hand side are 4 empty pans that did have pp in them (if you follow me on twitter you'll know that naked (another one I HAD) decided to smash in the quad I had it in that I was carrying about in my make up bag...make up bag still has to be cleaned EUGH! :(

The newbies are (top to bottom) Tempting (such a gorgeous colour, honestly!) Vibrant Grape (which I cannot wait to use) and Mylar :) these lovelies were bought at the CCO on Friday, I've had such an urge to depot lately but have had no eyeshadows to do so :( however, now that this palette has been started I really feel like I HAVE to get another 12 to fill it...thus I feel it appropriate to end with -

To be Continued.... :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Sad Times :(

So it would appear that BOTH twitter and blogger is down :(

What am I going to do to fill my time until they're working again...certainly not revising anyways!

I think I'm going to go for a wee walk to the shop for more ice lollies!

Hopefully speak to you all soon :) xx

Sunday, 9 August 2009

I think I have a problem...

Ok, so if you've picked up on one thing so far is that I have rubbish dry skin! Due to this, it feels like over the years that I have tried every moisturiser that has been ever made lol!

Below is the current few ones that I own :)

Below are my "meh" ones...those that I bought after reading/hearing about them and thinking they would be good for me!We have Superdrug natural high radiance balm - identical to the eye cream i.e. full of wee sparkle and shimmery bits that irritated the hell outta my skin :(

Jergens extra softening and ultra hydrating - initially ok but then the smell of them really got to my skin and made me have an itchy attack (technical term there!)

No 7 Intensive Moisture day cream - crap, gave me no moisture whatsoever,
Neutrogena Comfort Balm - again no moisture giving properties and made me itchy,
Soap and glory the righteous butter - fell for the hype after watching it get high reviews on one of those shows gok wan does, made me really itchy and smell disagrees with me!

These below are my LOVES for my body :) we have aloe, hemp, pomegranate, mango, strawberry body butters from the body shop, also sympathy for the skin and dream cream, hydralock light and vaseline cocoa butter.

Is there really much that can be said about body butters that hasn't been said already?Pomegranate has to be my favourite EVER (its nearly finished too boooo!) aloe is SO super light but hydrates really well and just love mango and strawberry :D. The hemp one is alot heavier in texture compared to the others and thus I tend to use this more on lower legs and feet (also smells...interesting lol). I know smells do irritate me but I have never had a problem with these at all!

Speaking of smells...on we go to lush! Sympathy for skin is love, just havent used it for a while, really light and actually smells alright which is very odd for them! Dream cream rotten :( ewwwwww it really is, however this stuff is the one cream that I have EVER used (since having eczema since birth) that has cleared my skin up through application that isn't a steriod cream - therefore I do have much love for it.

Hydralock has became love, smells good and really hydrates my body and doesn't irritate me (despite first application :S) all good! Finally vaseline - this is a good old friend of mine! Vaseline creams used to be the only cream I could use on my face and thus this for my body is also love - smells like chocolate too WOOHOO!

Finally the loves for my face. My face is definitely the most sensitive and if it doesn't like something it will react immediately and come up all hivey and go a LOVELY attractive red colour...hmmmmm I hear you all say! We have Clarins Gentle Day Cream - a tad thick at times for me but it's great, not a great price though :( Lush celestial - feels really good however does take forever to sink in so I tend to keep this for when my skin is REALLY dry as it is also a wee bit greasy.

Ummmm this is still relatively new but it is the natural high night cream - really good stuff! I have been using it for nearly 3 weeks now and skin is liking and I think it's having a good effect on my skin. Last but not least is my usual go to moisturiser - Aveeno skin relief, this is the normal one but I was using the lavender one for ages too. This stuff is great, I had to do allergy tests and it came back I was allergic to alot of things that are the bases in creams, these don't have them :) therefore all good for me!

So there we have it - my entire collection, and my favourites and not so never know, there might be someone out there with crappy eczema skin like me that this could help :) Until next time...


I do NOT want to write this...grrrr

Howdy :)

(NOTE: this is quite long and rambly - I'm sorry, I just need to get these thoughts out there)

Yes, it is with great regret that I am actually writing this... but by doing it, it makes it real and thus I can't ignore it as it will be here for all to see :(

I am jumping back on the gyming wagon :S I have mixed feelings about this as I hate the thought of going to the gym (it's never that bad when I get there) and also being super broke at the minute I do not like the thought of the ridiculous prices my local gym charge :( needs must though...

It has now got to the stage where I look at myself and genuinely do not like anything that I see. I honestly have been a size 14 since I was 18 (nearly 5 years now) and I still fit that size, however last night after looking at old photos (not even that old - ones from the last 1/2 years) it dawned on me how much fatter I am now :( I do realise that does sound stupid - that I'm the same size but just fatter :S but it really is the case!

I'm the first to admit I'm lazy but genuinely once I get going with walking, cycling, gym I am ok and do enjoy it. I also enjoy eating...everything that I shouldn't and thus making me look how I do now. I have so much admiration for all you lovely ladies who have the balls to go to weightwatchers etc (and the lovely Marie who's picture is on the voucher for Scottish Slimmers :P) but to me, that seems like such a HUGE thing and right now I dunno if I could face that :S perhaps down the line...So for now, it will be exercise and better eating all the way. I owe it to myself, I just want to feel better about how I look, get my confidence back and just be me again :)

So here's goes nothing...well not nothing lol, hopefully a big something for me :D all I'm aiming for right now, is to feel less "pudgy" and would love to be a size 12 again, which honestly shouldn't be that's just the thought of it right now!

Wish me luck ladies, I do really take inspiration from you all going through the same and admire you all so much for being so forthcoming with all your personal experiences :)

Speak soon :)


Sunday, 2 August 2009

TAG - My Happy List

So I was tagged by the lovely MizzWorthy :)

This is simply as it says - a list of 10 things that make me happy, all of which will be pretty simple because it's the simple things that make me happy!

1. Freshly dyed hair :)
2. Lying in a bath relaxing,
3. Walking on the beach being able to feel the sand in between my toes,
4. Cuddles :D
5. Relaxing
6. Having nothing to worry about (this happens rarely though!)
7. Looking at old photos and remembering...
8. Having long phone conversations,
9. My iphone (when it plays ball and isn't messing me about lol)
10. Having time to myself to go over all my thoughts, chill, sit on twitter and blog!

I tag all of you, my lovely 22 followers :D WOOHOO, honestly never thought I would ever have this many people interested in my nonsense :) THANK YOU ALL!! xxx

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Garnier Pure Active Blackhead Clearing Scrub

What follows is completely my own opinion and I bought this product with my own "hard earned" (lol) money and have been sent nothing! :)

So, after hearing of all the bloggers attending the Garnier event and receiving lots of goodies including the mentioned product I decided to check it out.

Yes I have dry skin but (nasty bit coming) I suffer from really bad blackheads on my cheeks, nose and chin :( and as of late they seem to be getting out of control so something has to be done...unfortunately this product isn't going to help me!

To be honest, since using this I have suffered badly from spots which I never usually get! As I sit here the original monster that was on my chin has subsided (slightly) but now has a new friend on the other side of my chin to join him. I have also found that it has dried the hell out of my skin :(

Therefore I personally feel that the jargon on the back from Garnier about wanting ... "instant effective action to help clear blackheads and fade marks..." is rubbish...for me! I do understand that the salicylic acid will dry out skin, but for me it is now drying out areas that I didn't even use it on and thus this is going to the back of the drawer/ in the bin :( which is disappointing as I did have high hopes for this!

How is anyone else using this getting on?

Speak soon xx

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Review: Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom

I've never heard anyone mentioning this stuff before so I thought I'd do a wee review.

I have crap skin :( I have had eczema all my life and in recent years when I get overly stressed (which is alot) my face seems to be the only place that is affected :( it goes BRIGHT red and extremely dry and red and scaly (lovely image i know!). So because of crap skin my confidence goes sub zero, doctors can't figure anything out so I took it into my own hands...

I received THREE great sized sample of the eye and face serum from the Origins counter in Boots in Belfast. Once I finished these I was fully intending on going back and getting the full sizes, until I was in the CCO one day and seen this three piece set for £25 (one bottle of the serum costs this alone).

The eye serum is amazing! Due to all the crappy steroids creams over the years my undereyes especially were as dry as anything and thus even makeup couldn't make them look better, this serum rehydrated them and thus using concealer actually makes a difference as the skin is smooth and well moisturised!

The face serum has done WONDERS for my neck, again because of all the creams (and a year long case of photosynthesised - I thought that's what plants did - obviously not as that's the doctors term lol) skin on my neck, the skin was horrendous and dry and easily irritable. This serum has well and truly pumped the moisture back into my neck, the only down side to this is that the huge mass of freckles on my neck are now a million times more noticeable!

Overall I would really recommend these products for anyone with extremely sensitive and dry skin as all the ingredients are really nourishing and have honestly done wonders for you can see from the picture all three of the products are on their very very last legs and thus will have to be repurchased in the near future!

I know this was a bit rambly, I apologise I'm just in the mood to chat :)

Speak soon xx

Monday, 20 July 2009

What's in my bag?

I'm on a roll! I love watching these on YouTube and reading them in blogs so here we go!

This is my zebra print bag from Topshop, it is huge (I hate small bags) and even though there's not too much in it at the minute, it can hold a crazy amount of stuff!

Ummmmm, sideways (sorry have no clue how to turn it round the proper way!) so yes, here we have:

  • Make up bag (see below for contents)
  • A dime bar (which was eaten after I took the photo) and a curly wurly,
  • Vicks breathe sensation gum (horrible stuff but is bright blue woohoo!)
  • A chuba chubs fruit lolly,
  • Hand sanitizer gel - just because!
  • Two mini pens with the four different colours on them,
  • Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Activator (only started using on Sat, will see how it goes and let you all know if you care!),
  • Diesel Fuel for Life perfume - love it,
  • Baby Sure deo,
  • Mac Naked Honey Salve - really loving this stuff! It really is amazing :) slap it on everywhere and makes it all silky soft - great :D,
  • Camera...never gets used and thus is dead,
  • Baby wipes (only a 24wipe packet to use for whatever is needed),
  • YuBe cream - japanese face cream that although is kinda mentholy it quite nice!
  • Mini fusa type thing :)

Not three much in my make up bag that I carry about with me! As you can tell its all about the eyes with me hehe :) We have:

  • Mister Mascara eyelash curlers, I like these and they look pretty,
  • Wee HK mirror from H&M,
  • Wee High beam and Ooh la lift from the realness of concealness kit,
  • Masterpiece Max (love), Lancome L'Extreme and Loreal explosion,
  • Bobbi Brown colour corrector in light bisque and MAC moisturecover in NW20
  • Victoria Secret Naughty Little Me blushing stick (goes really tingly when you put it on :S but gives a nice flush of colour),
  • Gosh Let's Twist eyeliner in Deep Sea (Navy) UD 24/7 in zero and yeyo,
  • BS Guarana lip butter (until I get my hand on the elusive yes yes...) blistex, and gosh lip jam in 101 and barry m lip paint purple one cant remember number and it's now lost!) and mac lustreglass I have no idea what it's called?! :S

So yeah, that's my bag :) not very exciting but it has given me something to do for the evening :). As I said, I love reading these so feel free to do a post!

Speak soon


TAG: All About Me :)

Yes I look like an idiot but oh well :)

No one tagged me to do this but I decided to do it because I'm bored!! I tag all of you that haven't done it :)

Me: Kassandra
Nicknames: Kass, red and kamundra egg :) lol
Birthday: 11th December
Place of Birth: Ballymena, Northern Ireland
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: Student teacher/ shop assistant
Residence: Antrim...boooo
Screen Name: lovesgreyboy
Hair Colour: Red (going the ginge way now though - will not redye for another TWO weeks...promise!)
Hair Length: Shoulder
Eye colour: Green/brown
Best Feature: Eyes
Height: 5ft 5?! not honestly sure
Braces?: When I was younger...
Glasses?: They're the weakest prescription and am supposed to wear them when using computer, never happens!
Piercing: Ears (twice) used to have belly button and tongue
Tattoos: One, REALLY want more though...
Righty or Lefty: Right
Your 'Firsts':
First best friend: Jennifer
First Award: Thing for hockey in primary school
First Sport You Joined: Hockey
First Real Vacation: The good ol' Portrush every summer :) loved it
First Concert: Boyzone :D hehe
First Love: Carlo...never felt anything remotely like that for anyone else ever.
Movie: Walle :D ps I love you, Sex and the City
TV Show: Prison Break and just because it's the summer Big Brother
Colours: Purple
Song: At the min, Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone (love the words) Plain White Ts - Hey There Delilah (even though it's hard to listen to sometimes) JLS - Beat Again
Candy: The fizzy worms in work HAALLLLLLLLLPPPPPPP love them
Restaurant: Yoko :)
Store: River Island
School: Antrim Tech - absolutely love that place and the teachers from there - definitely the best teachers I have came across my entire educational life!
Book: A Child Called It by Dave Peltzer, love this even though it's horrendous what he went through
Magazine: Weekly Look and More always buy these, read all the rest for free in work at the weekend hehe
Shoes: Leopard pumps
Feeling: Sore, back is a tad sore today :(
Single or Taken: complicated question right now
Eating: Nothing right now
Typing: This
Online: Yep
Listening To: Underage and pregnant on BBC 3 crazy :S
Thinking About: Going and running a bath
Wanting: Juice
Watching: The laptop screen and tv :)
Wearing: The usual - jeans and vest top
Want Children?: yea but not for 4/5 years
Want to be Married: Yes
Careers in Mind: Business Studies and Maths teacher, joy....
Where do you want to live?: Don't mind Antrim but would like to go abroad for a while and then perhaps England and then eventually come back here because I don't think this is a bad country to live in (It's not as bad as the news make it out to be)
Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger: No was never like that when out
Had Alcohol: Yes
Smoked: Yes
Ran Away From Home: Nope
Broken a bone: Nope
Got an X-ray: Nope
Broken Someone's Heart: Dunno
Broke Up With Someone: Yes
Cried When Someone Died: Yes
Cried At School: Yes
Do You Believe In:
God: Yes
Miracles: Not sure
Love At First sight: Yes
Ghosts: I really do, I actually think there's one in this house!
Aliens: Hmmmm, I think its hard to believe that the universe is this big and we're the only beings on it.
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: Yes
Hell: Not sure
Kissing on The First Date: Yes
Yourself: Depends on the situation!

Like I said, I tag everyone that would like to do this as I really enjoy reading these :)

Speak soon


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Boyfriend Post :)

I've been admiring these posts for a long time now and have decided to jump on the bandwagon as it is coming up to the anniversary of us meeting :)

So this is Carlo :) technically we should never have met! I used to work in security at the airport (wouldn't you feel safe with me searching people to let them on a plane?!?!?LOL) anyway...I was sent to a staff checkpoint as the other girl didn't show in. He came through and we were a wee bit flirty with each other, seen him a few times in about 1o minutes and he said to me he would be this time I had said to the ones I was working with I though he was lovely and what his name was. He was gone for AGES and I though I would never see him again, I was say inside and seen him driving up past coming my way again :D i gave him a big smile and he gave me his cheesy big grin back and waved.

He was asked by the guy working with me how to pronounce his name (he's chinese so it's a wee bit difficult to pronounce) just as well he did because he never came back :( I was devastated and seen him a few weeks later and said hello (which he denies as he says I ignored him!!) RUDEEEEEE hehe :)

By this stage I had heard he had been asking about me and my name, though I was cute etc, so my stalking tendencies came out and I tracked him down through bebo and the rest is history :) hehe. (Sorry I went on a bit but I remember this as if it were yesterday!)

This is a sneaky photo I took of him on our first weekend together :) We went to Portrush and arsed around on the beach (it was October and pretty cold but fun :D) he has changed SOOOO much from this picture, now he's so built and has big ol muscles :) hmmmmm

I love this photo :D shortly after we started hanging out he was in a car accident and it was hard to do anything as we live 25miles apart. This above photo is when we just used to lie for hours at night in his car and just talk about everything :) happy happy times!

I also love this photo (although wish I had never had my hair cut from this length :( grrr) this is our 21st birthdays (he's the 9/12 and I'm the 11/12) just a cute photo :) doing the nosey yeeeee

This looks so posed so but it's not...another sneaky photo of mine MWAH HAHAHA :) this is in Yoko in Coleraine, a favourite place of ours to eat (anyone in NI I would rec this place purely for their desserts!!)

This is the not impressed face last summer travelling from Manchester to his parents in Hull...I tend to see this face LOTS hehe :)

Cute pic when walking around York last August...this is a hard picture for me to look at because this was one of the worst days we have had, ALOT of things came out this morning before we left - things my family were up to (which have almost destroyed us :'( ) and things he had done...despite all this I just love this picture of him, its so natural and cute :D

Apart from the picture in the right sidebar this is my favourite picture of us together :) it is just a chilled and nice pic :) of him stealing my scarf (which he did alot around Belfast the next day)

I can honestly say I have never had one awkward minute with Carlo since I met him, we just fit together! We have had alot of downs - some of which will never ever leave me and my mind and have changed me, but we have also had SO many ups and experiences with each other that we never will with anyone else :) and for every single one I am so thankful!

He truly is my best friend and knows me better than I know myself most times :) I have NEVER had anyone in my life like him and he truly is one of a kind.

Since the day and hour I met him, he has occupied my is him and has only ever been him - my rarr rarr :)

He will never know the full extent to which he has touched my life and changed it for the better :) He is the first port of call for me for everything as his view on life is truly unique and his perspective of things will always be different to anyone else.

I do love him more than I could ever describe to anyone and to him, and I just hope he knows this, despite everything that may have happened :)

I'll stop now as I'm sure I'm sickening you all and when I read through this I start to cry :'(

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


So.... I'm currently supposed to be completing my dissertation's not going well as the topic I wanted to do (level of motivation of GCSE pupils in chosen subjects compared to compulsory subjects) but just can't find any information whatsoever :( so thinking of doing something related to the 11 plus being taken away over here and the repercussions that will have for secondary schools...ANYWAYS!!!

Loving :)

Having lots of free time,
Having great big lie ins :D
Bright nail polish,
Nails getting nice and long (and strong!)
Jon and Kate plus 8 (such a cute show)
Teal coloured clothes,
Above coloured clothes looking excellent with my red hair :)
Soft hair again after deep conditioning last night :)
Getting wee pressies as I'm sick

Hating :(

How quick my hair washes out so I look crap :( BOOOOO,
How rubbish and dry my hair felt before doing intensive conditioner last night,
Feeling like I've been sick for forever now...definitely think I'm getting over it now!!
Itchy skin coming back again GRRRR!!
Sleeping in for so long because I can't get to sleep until 2/3 am ish :(
Stupid phone STILL not working and thus minimal tweeting and reading of blogs!
Carlo heading to his parents in Hull on Friday :( I wish I could go too :( always feel so welcome and happy and relaxed there :)

Think that's all I can whinge about for now lol :)

Hope everyone is well,

Saturday, 6 June 2009

TAG Show Us Where You Blog

1. Once you are tagged, post a picture of where you blog
2. Feel free to tell us a little about your space
3. Tag five other bloggers to show their blogspots
4. If you are tagged and do not participate, you will become allergic to cabbage
So, this is where I blog
So this is my bed :) I tend to just set the computer up and just sit at the opposite end to my's comfy and I don't have to move very far from where I usually am :)
What are you wearing right now?
My favourite river island jeans, white vest top and red and blue scarf :)
What's the last thing you read/are currently reading?::
Mags but bookwise angels and demons
Do you nap a lot?
I LOVE napping :) especially after getting up for work at 5am - its a must!
Who was the last person you hugged?
Pooper :)
What's your current obsession/addiction?Apart from this, I would definitely say twitter :S sad but awk well!! its not hurting anyone :)
What's for dinner?Depends what I feel like
What was the last thing you bought?
Magazines and Innocent smoothies in a tube :) yeeeee
What are you listening to right now?
The sound of big brother on ch4 (last nights repeat)
If you could have any super power, what would it be?
To be able to transport anywhere you wanted just by clicking your fingers or something - like that film jumper!how cool :)

What is your favourite weather, and why?I love snow, when its really cold and frosty outside and you come inside when its really warm :) heaven.
What time do you usually get up?
These days its seems to be about 11 :S regardless of the alarms I set ffs :(
What is your most challenging goal right now?
finishing my degree and getting a me anything less just won't have been worth all the stupid time I've spent on this course ffs!
Say something to the person who tagged you:Hello Marie :) I love reading her blogs as they always make me laugh and her random singing tweets...hilarious :) hehe
If you could have a house- totally paid for, fully furnished- anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be?
California - not fussed where in Cali just anywhere!
What is your favourite item of clothing?Any of my numerous pairs of jeans and vest tops - casual all the way hehe.
Favourite pair of shoes you keep going back to over and over, even though your closet is overflowing with a zillion others?My leopard print pumps :) LOVE LOVE LOVE even though theyre a bit done now :(
Name one thing you cannot live without?Memories :) both good and bad simply because what has happened has made me who I am :)
What time is bed time?Tends to be about midnight if not later :(
If you could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning, where would it be?Ummm this is a hard one :S anywhere I was happy which would be with my big stoopid head (aka Carlo lol)!
I tag:

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My Little Ol' Make Up Collection

Okies so this is where I keep all my most used bits and pieces - got this from WH Smith a wee while ago and I honestly do not know why I thought it would keep all my stuff in it :S awk well!

First drawer is mascara :D I do love me some mascara as you can tell!! In total I have 17 in here ranging from No 7 to Urban Decay, Benefit and Mac. My most loved would have to be Max Factor Masterpiece Max and Lancome L'Extreme (which are in my make up bag!) majority of these are still to be tried and haven't been opened yet!

Oh yes, at the from bare minerals concealer in summer bisque...rubbish!!

My next love - sparkles :D these are my loves and have been for about nearly four years now! I am rarely without my sparkles hehe. I initially got into the UD ones and although I do love them I find the collection 2000 colour ranges so much better and they have a better brush that allows you to get more on the first time rather than 10 times later!! My fav UD one would have to be the white pyrotechnics, it's nearly finshed and I can't find it anywhere :( and collection 2000 would be POW! which I only got last week but I love - similar to UD spandex (far right hand side bluey one!!) but more of a teal colour!

I also love eyeliners - mainly the UD 24/7 and at the back I have another masterpiece max, 2000 calorie, loreal telescopic and maybelline colossal (which I hate and should really throw out!!)

Ah, my never ending quest to find a good concealer :) for a long time I simply used benefit boi-ing, and I did love it but then...meh I dunno :S started looking elsewhere! as you can see, I have all sorts but at the min I am LOVING Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Sand with the BB corrector in Light Bisque underneath it...we'll see how long it is before I change lol.

On "I can't be bothered" days I use the BB corrector with MAC moisturecover (in my make up bag) in NW 20.

Bottom drawer is my mishmash of bits lol. At the back we have MSFs and blushes - simply using redhead MSF as highlight and blush these days though - lazy :) at the front left we have smashbox primer, benefit you rebel lite, MAC select spf 15 in NW 20.

Ummm in the middle we have high beam, benetint and posie tint(you can just see their lids) at the right we have strobey as it is affectionately known lol and under it is random eyeshadowss, pigment samples and general crap!!

I really haven't thought this through properly as I have more pics to put on this of my other bits that nail polishes, other blushes, bronzers etc but can't move them down here...GRRRR!!!!
just means I'll have to do another one about it sometime...shucks :) hehe!
Hope you enjoyed, was just something that came to mind earlier as I'm bored!