Monday, 24 August 2009

My Mascara Collection

Howdy :)

I'm taking inspiration (not in any way shape or form copying lol!) Kelly (Kelanjo19) with a mascara collection. I do LOVE mascara, always have done and, no doubt, always will do. On a day to day basis, I don't wear any foundation or TM...only really would when I go out but mascara is a MUST all the time :)

I know the amount I have is a little excessive, however the vast majority of them haven't been used and are in there as they have been re bought when the previous has ran out :)

First up we have the Max Factor's. If I'm honest these are the boys I always come back to, despite all the other purchases below these truly are the best for me. My definite HG status goes to Masterpiece Max and 2000 calorie - both are love! Masterpiece Max makes my lashes look super long and fluttery :) while 2000 calorie makes my lashes so thick and full and just...yea! lol. Masterpiece waterproof was love but the formula really hurts my eyes (why I haven't thrown it out I don't know!?) Also there is More lashes - can't remember much about this so that probably says alot.

L'oreal...hmmmm not much to say here if I'm honest. My favourite would be the volume collagen however it is clump city :( Telescopic I really hate and have used once - just do not like the effect the weird brush gives and the blast one was good at the start ( I bought into the hype very much so lol) but I just find it too fidgety to get it to work!

I'm going to be controversial and actually admit to liking MAC mascaras. I have zoom lash (forgot I had but love this formula, really separates my lashes, have to pair it with another mascara on top though.) Pro long lash which I use ALOT for a simple natural look by itself as it makes you lashes look really fluttery, pretty and natural hehe and plush lash really thickens up my lashes and gives them a really fake look :D.

Here we also have two No 7, I like the colour and effect you get from the brush, (very similar to masterpiece max) but I do not like the fact that one hour after putting it on it's all flaky underneath my eyes :( no thanks! The Extreme Length does exactly that, really lengthens and separates the lashes for that fluttery look like I love but again flake city :(. Maybelline Colossal - HATE by itself but on top of another one (like zoom lash or the next Lancome) and it's fine and I really enjoy it :S and the last in this list is Lancome L'Extreme - I feel this has dried up since the second time I used it and thus I feel like it doesn't put any product on my lashes at all.

Last but not least is Benefit bad gal and two urban decay big fatty coloured. I loved these mascaras and only used them - these are the second (and original is third) tube of these. I love the big fat wand, the formula, how it makes my lashes look nice and full...I just don't use them at all and haven't for about a year now! Benefit was the first brand of make up I got into about 4 years ago and thus I do have alot of their stuff :S (and have wasted a small fortune on the gimmick of them and the actual uselessness of some of the products :( ). I love the UD big fatty coloured mascara :) I went through a big coloured mascara kick about a year ago, but as with the benefit ones I do love these but simply do not use them at all :(

This has really shown me that I do have an excessive amount of mascara but I'm honestly going to throw the rubbish ones that I don't use hope that I'll start using some of my neglected ones again!

Hope this wasn't too boring for you to read and hopefully help any of you looking at any of the mascaras mentioned :)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

My MAC Palettes

Howdy :)

It's been a wee while :) and to be honest, if I want to do any blogs I have a week of freedom left as my next placement starts NEXT TUESDAY :( and will honestly have no free time whatsoever :( grrrr!

So I decided that after having one palette filled for a good while now, and having purchased 3 new ones on Friday, that I would show you all my lovely wee collection!

Picture above is of the two lovelies side by side :) such a sense of pride looking at them lol.

Above is said completed palette :) Honestly don't have any order of having them in here, may do this eventually when I have lots more! SO

(First Row) L-R Teal (pressed pigment), Juxt, Cranberry, Femme Fi and Vanilla (pp)
(Second Row) Mutiny (pp), Henna, Pink Venus, Wonder Full and Naked (pp)
(Third Row) Deep Blue Green (pp), Club, Top Knot, Satin Taupe and All that Glitters

LOVES would have to be Femme Fi, Mutiny - actually want to buy this pigment :) and alot lately just having Top Knot smudged into my upper lash line, easy and pretty smoky ish eye :)

HATES pink venus...not a pink person at all, never have been! This was bought after the MA used it on me, swatched once... :S I dunno lol.

The newbies lol! Over to the right hand side are 4 empty pans that did have pp in them (if you follow me on twitter you'll know that naked (another one I HAD) decided to smash in the quad I had it in that I was carrying about in my make up bag...make up bag still has to be cleaned EUGH! :(

The newbies are (top to bottom) Tempting (such a gorgeous colour, honestly!) Vibrant Grape (which I cannot wait to use) and Mylar :) these lovelies were bought at the CCO on Friday, I've had such an urge to depot lately but have had no eyeshadows to do so :( however, now that this palette has been started I really feel like I HAVE to get another 12 to fill it...thus I feel it appropriate to end with -

To be Continued.... :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Sad Times :(

So it would appear that BOTH twitter and blogger is down :(

What am I going to do to fill my time until they're working again...certainly not revising anyways!

I think I'm going to go for a wee walk to the shop for more ice lollies!

Hopefully speak to you all soon :) xx

Sunday, 9 August 2009

I think I have a problem...

Ok, so if you've picked up on one thing so far is that I have rubbish dry skin! Due to this, it feels like over the years that I have tried every moisturiser that has been ever made lol!

Below is the current few ones that I own :)

Below are my "meh" ones...those that I bought after reading/hearing about them and thinking they would be good for me!We have Superdrug natural high radiance balm - identical to the eye cream i.e. full of wee sparkle and shimmery bits that irritated the hell outta my skin :(

Jergens extra softening and ultra hydrating - initially ok but then the smell of them really got to my skin and made me have an itchy attack (technical term there!)

No 7 Intensive Moisture day cream - crap, gave me no moisture whatsoever,
Neutrogena Comfort Balm - again no moisture giving properties and made me itchy,
Soap and glory the righteous butter - fell for the hype after watching it get high reviews on one of those shows gok wan does, made me really itchy and smell disagrees with me!

These below are my LOVES for my body :) we have aloe, hemp, pomegranate, mango, strawberry body butters from the body shop, also sympathy for the skin and dream cream, hydralock light and vaseline cocoa butter.

Is there really much that can be said about body butters that hasn't been said already?Pomegranate has to be my favourite EVER (its nearly finished too boooo!) aloe is SO super light but hydrates really well and just love mango and strawberry :D. The hemp one is alot heavier in texture compared to the others and thus I tend to use this more on lower legs and feet (also smells...interesting lol). I know smells do irritate me but I have never had a problem with these at all!

Speaking of smells...on we go to lush! Sympathy for skin is love, just havent used it for a while, really light and actually smells alright which is very odd for them! Dream cream rotten :( ewwwwww it really is, however this stuff is the one cream that I have EVER used (since having eczema since birth) that has cleared my skin up through application that isn't a steriod cream - therefore I do have much love for it.

Hydralock has became love, smells good and really hydrates my body and doesn't irritate me (despite first application :S) all good! Finally vaseline - this is a good old friend of mine! Vaseline creams used to be the only cream I could use on my face and thus this for my body is also love - smells like chocolate too WOOHOO!

Finally the loves for my face. My face is definitely the most sensitive and if it doesn't like something it will react immediately and come up all hivey and go a LOVELY attractive red colour...hmmmmm I hear you all say! We have Clarins Gentle Day Cream - a tad thick at times for me but it's great, not a great price though :( Lush celestial - feels really good however does take forever to sink in so I tend to keep this for when my skin is REALLY dry as it is also a wee bit greasy.

Ummmm this is still relatively new but it is the natural high night cream - really good stuff! I have been using it for nearly 3 weeks now and skin is liking and I think it's having a good effect on my skin. Last but not least is my usual go to moisturiser - Aveeno skin relief, this is the normal one but I was using the lavender one for ages too. This stuff is great, I had to do allergy tests and it came back I was allergic to alot of things that are the bases in creams, these don't have them :) therefore all good for me!

So there we have it - my entire collection, and my favourites and not so never know, there might be someone out there with crappy eczema skin like me that this could help :) Until next time...


I do NOT want to write this...grrrr

Howdy :)

(NOTE: this is quite long and rambly - I'm sorry, I just need to get these thoughts out there)

Yes, it is with great regret that I am actually writing this... but by doing it, it makes it real and thus I can't ignore it as it will be here for all to see :(

I am jumping back on the gyming wagon :S I have mixed feelings about this as I hate the thought of going to the gym (it's never that bad when I get there) and also being super broke at the minute I do not like the thought of the ridiculous prices my local gym charge :( needs must though...

It has now got to the stage where I look at myself and genuinely do not like anything that I see. I honestly have been a size 14 since I was 18 (nearly 5 years now) and I still fit that size, however last night after looking at old photos (not even that old - ones from the last 1/2 years) it dawned on me how much fatter I am now :( I do realise that does sound stupid - that I'm the same size but just fatter :S but it really is the case!

I'm the first to admit I'm lazy but genuinely once I get going with walking, cycling, gym I am ok and do enjoy it. I also enjoy eating...everything that I shouldn't and thus making me look how I do now. I have so much admiration for all you lovely ladies who have the balls to go to weightwatchers etc (and the lovely Marie who's picture is on the voucher for Scottish Slimmers :P) but to me, that seems like such a HUGE thing and right now I dunno if I could face that :S perhaps down the line...So for now, it will be exercise and better eating all the way. I owe it to myself, I just want to feel better about how I look, get my confidence back and just be me again :)

So here's goes nothing...well not nothing lol, hopefully a big something for me :D all I'm aiming for right now, is to feel less "pudgy" and would love to be a size 12 again, which honestly shouldn't be that's just the thought of it right now!

Wish me luck ladies, I do really take inspiration from you all going through the same and admire you all so much for being so forthcoming with all your personal experiences :)

Speak soon :)


Sunday, 2 August 2009

TAG - My Happy List

So I was tagged by the lovely MizzWorthy :)

This is simply as it says - a list of 10 things that make me happy, all of which will be pretty simple because it's the simple things that make me happy!

1. Freshly dyed hair :)
2. Lying in a bath relaxing,
3. Walking on the beach being able to feel the sand in between my toes,
4. Cuddles :D
5. Relaxing
6. Having nothing to worry about (this happens rarely though!)
7. Looking at old photos and remembering...
8. Having long phone conversations,
9. My iphone (when it plays ball and isn't messing me about lol)
10. Having time to myself to go over all my thoughts, chill, sit on twitter and blog!

I tag all of you, my lovely 22 followers :D WOOHOO, honestly never thought I would ever have this many people interested in my nonsense :) THANK YOU ALL!! xxx