Tuesday, 16 June 2009


So.... I'm currently supposed to be completing my dissertation proposal...it's not going well as the topic I wanted to do (level of motivation of GCSE pupils in chosen subjects compared to compulsory subjects) but just can't find any information whatsoever :( so thinking of doing something related to the 11 plus being taken away over here and the repercussions that will have for secondary schools...ANYWAYS!!!

Loving :)

Having lots of free time,
Having great big lie ins :D
Bright nail polish,
Nails getting nice and long (and strong!)
Jon and Kate plus 8 (such a cute show)
Teal coloured clothes,
Above coloured clothes looking excellent with my red hair :)
Soft hair again after deep conditioning last night :)
Getting wee pressies as I'm sick

Hating :(

How quick my hair washes out so I look crap :( BOOOOO,
How rubbish and dry my hair felt before doing intensive conditioner last night,
Feeling like I've been sick for forever now...definitely think I'm getting over it now!!
Itchy skin coming back again GRRRR!!
Sleeping in for so long because I can't get to sleep until 2/3 am ish :(
Stupid phone STILL not working and thus minimal tweeting and reading of blogs!
Carlo heading to his parents in Hull on Friday :( I wish I could go too :( always feel so welcome and happy and relaxed there :)

Think that's all I can whinge about for now lol :)

Hope everyone is well,

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