Saturday, 7 March 2009

one of those days...

well one of those weeks to be precise!

firstly getting pulled out of my BEST teaching placement through no fault of my own :( getting sent to a random bad school that is not gonna b fun, the thought of having to do all my units, schemes etc again :(

AND car breaking down and just grrrr.....need my car :(

I know the majority of what is written above won't make sense to most people but hopefully other student teachers out there will :)

heading out now tho :) have lots to start writing up about in here:

Recent HK stuffs :) even though its all been said a million times before,
other random mac bits
skincare (as at 22yrs of age, my eczema is still crazy and I've read of many others in this position too, hopefully anything I've experienced can help others to0..

Have a good Sat night whatever everyone is doing :)

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