Friday, 27 March 2009

Things are on the up :)

So i finally have my placement sorted out :) I've decided to leave it for now and then get a different school and go back in June (and/or) September. This may sound horrible to some people but I'm more than willing to give up some of my summer and be happy than keep going, fail my teaching practice and be even unhappier.

Not much make up this week - got a few bits from ELF at the start of the week - 2 blushes - Innocence which is a really REALLY pale pink (that even on my pale ass skin doesn't show up too well :( ) and Glow which is a really gorgeous peach colour - me loves this one :) nice and summery yeeeeee :D

Also got the smudger brush, and eyeshadow brush and a concealer brush (this ones for my best friend) and the other two just to see what they were like :) they're ok...but for£1.50 you can't expect too much!

Ooh i also got a few nail polishes as they were all £1 :) i got a fab purple colour :) needs a good 3 coats tho to look deep purple and then 2 white pearl ones - very pretty but lots of coats needed again!

Not much apart from that tbh!

Bit annoyed at the min as just found out my hairdresser rang my boyfriend and asked him out to the cinema this weekend...i mean WTF?!?!? not impressed :( (but in reality she is his hairdresser as he's been going to her for a while to get red bits but still!!!) not impressed at all...its so out of order :S

He's being a bit of an arse at the mo too :( dunno what it is but there's something up :( as you can tell I'm a full time student, he works full time, I've had so much on my plate lately with the mess of my placement etc. and have felt really unsupported by him :( but I do so much for him even when I don't really have the time to do it and get no thanks back or anything back in kind, I know things are a bit tough for him right now but there's no excuse for it happening all the time :( grrr

Don't even know if anyone reads this but I apologise for that wee rant...I just had to get it out.

Til next time :)

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