Wednesday, 6 May 2009

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What made you choose your blog/twitter/youtube username?

I started this the same time as twitter and at the time a teddy was lying beside me on my bed. Its the grey seal from pingu (i also have pingu and pinga :D) but he gets called grey boy...and i suppose i do loves him hehe:)

What's your actual name? Alethea Kassandra Louise... Alethea is my mum's name - she likes it that much she had to call me it and haunt me with it for all of my life people thinking its my actual name :S

Do you have any nicknames? just always get called Kassandra but (sometimes!) get Kamundra and Baby K lol

What do you do?
Living up the student life style...nearing the end of my 3rd year on my way to becoming a business studies and maths teacher :) I love it some days lol

Tell us something that we don't already know about you!
I lose everything! I literally have something in my hand one minute and the next second it can be gone :S and then I'll find it somewhere random later :S really winds me up at times as I do think I'm losing my marbles :(

What achievement are you most proud of?
Trusting my instinct that when I went back to school to do my AS levels that it wasn't right - I was doing technology, history and spanish. It was going to lead me nowhere so I stuck it out for the year and then decided to do something completey random for education and decided to go to tech to do my AVCE in business. If i hadn't made that decision those 5 years ago (wow feeling old lol!) I wouldn't be where I am today and the person I am today :)

Also when I got into Stranmillis (my uni) I was the first person from my tech campus and the other 3 in their wee group that had ever got accepted to a teacher training college and thus I was in the prospectus for tech for 2 years until they changed their name and got new ones... **FAMOUS** :) i wish!

What do you most like about yourself?
I never lower myself to other people's levels when fighting, if they start being nasty I tend to walk away cus I HATE saying nasty things to people. Also think that I see the good in people all the time, regardless of what they may have done to me.

What would you change about yourself if you could?
I cry alot and easily these days...don't like it cus it makes me feel weak - I want to be the old stronger me.
Wish I could get rid of my final bit of pudge and feel that I look well.
Ummmm that I could also be more confident in certain situations!

I'm doing this as it's an interesting one and I've done all my work that I needed too today :) and it has cheered me up a bit after being a bit pissed off!

Have a wee haul to show (if i figure out how to post pics!!)

Speak soon,


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