Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My Little Ol' Make Up Collection

Okies so this is where I keep all my most used bits and pieces - got this from WH Smith a wee while ago and I honestly do not know why I thought it would keep all my stuff in it :S awk well!

First drawer is mascara :D I do love me some mascara as you can tell!! In total I have 17 in here ranging from No 7 to Urban Decay, Benefit and Mac. My most loved would have to be Max Factor Masterpiece Max and Lancome L'Extreme (which are in my make up bag!) majority of these are still to be tried and haven't been opened yet!

Oh yes, at the from bare minerals concealer in summer bisque...rubbish!!

My next love - sparkles :D these are my loves and have been for about nearly four years now! I am rarely without my sparkles hehe. I initially got into the UD ones and although I do love them I find the collection 2000 colour ranges so much better and they have a better brush that allows you to get more on the first time rather than 10 times later!! My fav UD one would have to be the white pyrotechnics, it's nearly finshed and I can't find it anywhere :( and collection 2000 would be POW! which I only got last week but I love - similar to UD spandex (far right hand side bluey one!!) but more of a teal colour!

I also love eyeliners - mainly the UD 24/7 and at the back I have another masterpiece max, 2000 calorie, loreal telescopic and maybelline colossal (which I hate and should really throw out!!)

Ah, my never ending quest to find a good concealer :) for a long time I simply used benefit boi-ing, and I did love it but then...meh I dunno :S started looking elsewhere! as you can see, I have all sorts but at the min I am LOVING Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Sand with the BB corrector in Light Bisque underneath it...we'll see how long it is before I change lol.

On "I can't be bothered" days I use the BB corrector with MAC moisturecover (in my make up bag) in NW 20.

Bottom drawer is my mishmash of bits lol. At the back we have MSFs and blushes - simply using redhead MSF as highlight and blush these days though - lazy :) at the front left we have smashbox primer, benefit you rebel lite, MAC select spf 15 in NW 20.

Ummm in the middle we have high beam, benetint and posie tint(you can just see their lids) at the right we have strobey as it is affectionately known lol and under it is random eyeshadowss, pigment samples and general crap!!

I really haven't thought this through properly as I have more pics to put on this of my other bits that nail polishes, other blushes, bronzers etc but can't move them down here...GRRRR!!!!
just means I'll have to do another one about it sometime...shucks :) hehe!
Hope you enjoyed, was just something that came to mind earlier as I'm bored!

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  1. nice collection! I'm sure it's gonna grow even more and you'll need another drawer from WHSmith!!!