Monday, 20 July 2009

What's in my bag?

I'm on a roll! I love watching these on YouTube and reading them in blogs so here we go!

This is my zebra print bag from Topshop, it is huge (I hate small bags) and even though there's not too much in it at the minute, it can hold a crazy amount of stuff!

Ummmmm, sideways (sorry have no clue how to turn it round the proper way!) so yes, here we have:

  • Make up bag (see below for contents)
  • A dime bar (which was eaten after I took the photo) and a curly wurly,
  • Vicks breathe sensation gum (horrible stuff but is bright blue woohoo!)
  • A chuba chubs fruit lolly,
  • Hand sanitizer gel - just because!
  • Two mini pens with the four different colours on them,
  • Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Activator (only started using on Sat, will see how it goes and let you all know if you care!),
  • Diesel Fuel for Life perfume - love it,
  • Baby Sure deo,
  • Mac Naked Honey Salve - really loving this stuff! It really is amazing :) slap it on everywhere and makes it all silky soft - great :D,
  • Camera...never gets used and thus is dead,
  • Baby wipes (only a 24wipe packet to use for whatever is needed),
  • YuBe cream - japanese face cream that although is kinda mentholy it quite nice!
  • Mini fusa type thing :)

Not three much in my make up bag that I carry about with me! As you can tell its all about the eyes with me hehe :) We have:

  • Mister Mascara eyelash curlers, I like these and they look pretty,
  • Wee HK mirror from H&M,
  • Wee High beam and Ooh la lift from the realness of concealness kit,
  • Masterpiece Max (love), Lancome L'Extreme and Loreal explosion,
  • Bobbi Brown colour corrector in light bisque and MAC moisturecover in NW20
  • Victoria Secret Naughty Little Me blushing stick (goes really tingly when you put it on :S but gives a nice flush of colour),
  • Gosh Let's Twist eyeliner in Deep Sea (Navy) UD 24/7 in zero and yeyo,
  • BS Guarana lip butter (until I get my hand on the elusive yes yes...) blistex, and gosh lip jam in 101 and barry m lip paint purple one cant remember number and it's now lost!) and mac lustreglass I have no idea what it's called?! :S

So yeah, that's my bag :) not very exciting but it has given me something to do for the evening :). As I said, I love reading these so feel free to do a post!

Speak soon



  1. good job your bag is large! that's a lotta stuff, but all small things I suppose, so hopefully you're not walking with a limp!

    thanks for popping by and entering the giveaway... good luck x