Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Review: Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom

I've never heard anyone mentioning this stuff before so I thought I'd do a wee review.

I have crap skin :( I have had eczema all my life and in recent years when I get overly stressed (which is alot) my face seems to be the only place that is affected :( it goes BRIGHT red and extremely dry and red and scaly (lovely image i know!). So because of crap skin my confidence goes sub zero, doctors can't figure anything out so I took it into my own hands...

I received THREE great sized sample of the eye and face serum from the Origins counter in Boots in Belfast. Once I finished these I was fully intending on going back and getting the full sizes, until I was in the CCO one day and seen this three piece set for £25 (one bottle of the serum costs this alone).

The eye serum is amazing! Due to all the crappy steroids creams over the years my undereyes especially were as dry as anything and thus even makeup couldn't make them look better, this serum rehydrated them and thus using concealer actually makes a difference as the skin is smooth and well moisturised!

The face serum has done WONDERS for my neck, again because of all the creams (and a year long case of photosynthesised - I thought that's what plants did - obviously not as that's the doctors term lol) skin on my neck, the skin was horrendous and dry and easily irritable. This serum has well and truly pumped the moisture back into my neck, the only down side to this is that the huge mass of freckles on my neck are now a million times more noticeable!

Overall I would really recommend these products for anyone with extremely sensitive and dry skin as all the ingredients are really nourishing and have honestly done wonders for you can see from the picture all three of the products are on their very very last legs and thus will have to be repurchased in the near future!

I know this was a bit rambly, I apologise I'm just in the mood to chat :)

Speak soon xx

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  1. Thanks for this review. I was kind of intrigued by this line. I've used other Origins products before but not this. Might have to go see if I can get some samples too.

    just followed you! Come and visit my blog too.