Sunday, 9 August 2009

I think I have a problem...

Ok, so if you've picked up on one thing so far is that I have rubbish dry skin! Due to this, it feels like over the years that I have tried every moisturiser that has been ever made lol!

Below is the current few ones that I own :)

Below are my "meh" ones...those that I bought after reading/hearing about them and thinking they would be good for me!We have Superdrug natural high radiance balm - identical to the eye cream i.e. full of wee sparkle and shimmery bits that irritated the hell outta my skin :(

Jergens extra softening and ultra hydrating - initially ok but then the smell of them really got to my skin and made me have an itchy attack (technical term there!)

No 7 Intensive Moisture day cream - crap, gave me no moisture whatsoever,
Neutrogena Comfort Balm - again no moisture giving properties and made me itchy,
Soap and glory the righteous butter - fell for the hype after watching it get high reviews on one of those shows gok wan does, made me really itchy and smell disagrees with me!

These below are my LOVES for my body :) we have aloe, hemp, pomegranate, mango, strawberry body butters from the body shop, also sympathy for the skin and dream cream, hydralock light and vaseline cocoa butter.

Is there really much that can be said about body butters that hasn't been said already?Pomegranate has to be my favourite EVER (its nearly finished too boooo!) aloe is SO super light but hydrates really well and just love mango and strawberry :D. The hemp one is alot heavier in texture compared to the others and thus I tend to use this more on lower legs and feet (also smells...interesting lol). I know smells do irritate me but I have never had a problem with these at all!

Speaking of smells...on we go to lush! Sympathy for skin is love, just havent used it for a while, really light and actually smells alright which is very odd for them! Dream cream rotten :( ewwwwww it really is, however this stuff is the one cream that I have EVER used (since having eczema since birth) that has cleared my skin up through application that isn't a steriod cream - therefore I do have much love for it.

Hydralock has became love, smells good and really hydrates my body and doesn't irritate me (despite first application :S) all good! Finally vaseline - this is a good old friend of mine! Vaseline creams used to be the only cream I could use on my face and thus this for my body is also love - smells like chocolate too WOOHOO!

Finally the loves for my face. My face is definitely the most sensitive and if it doesn't like something it will react immediately and come up all hivey and go a LOVELY attractive red colour...hmmmmm I hear you all say! We have Clarins Gentle Day Cream - a tad thick at times for me but it's great, not a great price though :( Lush celestial - feels really good however does take forever to sink in so I tend to keep this for when my skin is REALLY dry as it is also a wee bit greasy.

Ummmm this is still relatively new but it is the natural high night cream - really good stuff! I have been using it for nearly 3 weeks now and skin is liking and I think it's having a good effect on my skin. Last but not least is my usual go to moisturiser - Aveeno skin relief, this is the normal one but I was using the lavender one for ages too. This stuff is great, I had to do allergy tests and it came back I was allergic to alot of things that are the bases in creams, these don't have them :) therefore all good for me!

So there we have it - my entire collection, and my favourites and not so never know, there might be someone out there with crappy eczema skin like me that this could help :) Until next time...



  1. I struggle to find a decent moisturizer - the best I have ever found is simple, I need to use a load of it but it doesnt irritate my skin and is really light and not perfumed. I have the same issue as you with celestials greasiness!

    One day we will find the perfect moisturizer - one day! lol.


  2. I have that wish too Cat lol, it will happen :) I'm sure of it :) xx