Sunday, 23 August 2009

My MAC Palettes

Howdy :)

It's been a wee while :) and to be honest, if I want to do any blogs I have a week of freedom left as my next placement starts NEXT TUESDAY :( and will honestly have no free time whatsoever :( grrrr!

So I decided that after having one palette filled for a good while now, and having purchased 3 new ones on Friday, that I would show you all my lovely wee collection!

Picture above is of the two lovelies side by side :) such a sense of pride looking at them lol.

Above is said completed palette :) Honestly don't have any order of having them in here, may do this eventually when I have lots more! SO

(First Row) L-R Teal (pressed pigment), Juxt, Cranberry, Femme Fi and Vanilla (pp)
(Second Row) Mutiny (pp), Henna, Pink Venus, Wonder Full and Naked (pp)
(Third Row) Deep Blue Green (pp), Club, Top Knot, Satin Taupe and All that Glitters

LOVES would have to be Femme Fi, Mutiny - actually want to buy this pigment :) and alot lately just having Top Knot smudged into my upper lash line, easy and pretty smoky ish eye :)

HATES pink venus...not a pink person at all, never have been! This was bought after the MA used it on me, swatched once... :S I dunno lol.

The newbies lol! Over to the right hand side are 4 empty pans that did have pp in them (if you follow me on twitter you'll know that naked (another one I HAD) decided to smash in the quad I had it in that I was carrying about in my make up bag...make up bag still has to be cleaned EUGH! :(

The newbies are (top to bottom) Tempting (such a gorgeous colour, honestly!) Vibrant Grape (which I cannot wait to use) and Mylar :) these lovelies were bought at the CCO on Friday, I've had such an urge to depot lately but have had no eyeshadows to do so :( however, now that this palette has been started I really feel like I HAVE to get another 12 to fill it...thus I feel it appropriate to end with -

To be Continued.... :)

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