Monday, 24 August 2009

My Mascara Collection

Howdy :)

I'm taking inspiration (not in any way shape or form copying lol!) Kelly (Kelanjo19) with a mascara collection. I do LOVE mascara, always have done and, no doubt, always will do. On a day to day basis, I don't wear any foundation or TM...only really would when I go out but mascara is a MUST all the time :)

I know the amount I have is a little excessive, however the vast majority of them haven't been used and are in there as they have been re bought when the previous has ran out :)

First up we have the Max Factor's. If I'm honest these are the boys I always come back to, despite all the other purchases below these truly are the best for me. My definite HG status goes to Masterpiece Max and 2000 calorie - both are love! Masterpiece Max makes my lashes look super long and fluttery :) while 2000 calorie makes my lashes so thick and full and just...yea! lol. Masterpiece waterproof was love but the formula really hurts my eyes (why I haven't thrown it out I don't know!?) Also there is More lashes - can't remember much about this so that probably says alot.

L'oreal...hmmmm not much to say here if I'm honest. My favourite would be the volume collagen however it is clump city :( Telescopic I really hate and have used once - just do not like the effect the weird brush gives and the blast one was good at the start ( I bought into the hype very much so lol) but I just find it too fidgety to get it to work!

I'm going to be controversial and actually admit to liking MAC mascaras. I have zoom lash (forgot I had but love this formula, really separates my lashes, have to pair it with another mascara on top though.) Pro long lash which I use ALOT for a simple natural look by itself as it makes you lashes look really fluttery, pretty and natural hehe and plush lash really thickens up my lashes and gives them a really fake look :D.

Here we also have two No 7, I like the colour and effect you get from the brush, (very similar to masterpiece max) but I do not like the fact that one hour after putting it on it's all flaky underneath my eyes :( no thanks! The Extreme Length does exactly that, really lengthens and separates the lashes for that fluttery look like I love but again flake city :(. Maybelline Colossal - HATE by itself but on top of another one (like zoom lash or the next Lancome) and it's fine and I really enjoy it :S and the last in this list is Lancome L'Extreme - I feel this has dried up since the second time I used it and thus I feel like it doesn't put any product on my lashes at all.

Last but not least is Benefit bad gal and two urban decay big fatty coloured. I loved these mascaras and only used them - these are the second (and original is third) tube of these. I love the big fat wand, the formula, how it makes my lashes look nice and full...I just don't use them at all and haven't for about a year now! Benefit was the first brand of make up I got into about 4 years ago and thus I do have alot of their stuff :S (and have wasted a small fortune on the gimmick of them and the actual uselessness of some of the products :( ). I love the UD big fatty coloured mascara :) I went through a big coloured mascara kick about a year ago, but as with the benefit ones I do love these but simply do not use them at all :(

This has really shown me that I do have an excessive amount of mascara but I'm honestly going to throw the rubbish ones that I don't use hope that I'll start using some of my neglected ones again!

Hope this wasn't too boring for you to read and hopefully help any of you looking at any of the mascaras mentioned :)

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