Monday, 5 October 2009

CCO :)

Howdy (again!)

SO... I do not like where I live, it's a rubbish wee town and not much goes on, I do however have an outlet place in it called Junction 1, 99% of the shops are complete poop and not worth going into lol but tucked in the back corner is the UK version of the CCO. As it's so close to me, I am in there quite a bit and on Saturday I picked up these few bits:

At the top we have 217 brush (£10.50), I have the wee red one from last year's Christmas set and use it quite alot so why not get a proper one?! At the bottom is the 224 (£15.00) the only tapered blending brush I have is a wee one from the original ELF line and it's not cutting it (as it went a weird shape when I washed it last :S) so decided to get this one!

Ahhhh, mutiny pigment (£10.50) :) I have always said that I would get I have! I have it in pressed form and do love it so hopefully I don't find this too difficult to work with (with it's looseness and going everywhere)!! In the middle is Nocturnelle nail polish (£5.60), it's autumn and thus time for dark colours on the nails (a later post will contradict this to no end but awk well!!) and the only black I have is an old Barry M one which has went all gloopy...purchase justified :D hehe.

And the final item is Greenstroke paintpot - my first paintpot!! (£8.21) I have samples of others and do like using this for added intensity and was recently told green e/s would suit my eyes so wahey!! I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I'm heading out on Wednesday night so hopefully get to give it a go then!

Mr Leung is being an arse tonight hence all the posts and I have another one to come after this hehe,

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