Monday, 5 October 2009

Mac Style Black and Lush

Howdy :)

I had a few pennies to spend and the only thing that interested me was the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (I did go back today to check out the feline eye kohl and it gives me the impression that it'll will sting my eyes so decided to pass!)

I tried out the VAE last night, I have some lovely pics I took upon application (sent one to Carlo and he said "you look like a big turd" but if you all really want to see them I suppose I'll let some stage! The smell of the product is fine, didn't annoy me and now that I think about it I can't actually think of the smell at all. Quite gritty but felt nice on the skin and skin itself felt really smooth when I washed it off. This morning however is making me feel that it is too harsh for me :( my skin is quite irritated, sore and red :S so not sure right now but I am quite annoyed that it may have had this affect on me :(

So yup there we have the VAE and my back 2 mac lipstick (Front lit from the make up art collection), I don't "do" lipstick but this is just a nice goldy sheen to the lips which me thinks could look lovely with either goldyrocks or sugarrimmed over it :).

From Lush I received a sample of Skin Drink and Cosmetic Lad moisturisers as Celestial just sits on my skin and irritates me, I think I'm going to go for skin drink as the other smells too much like dream cream and I don't like that smell for my face lol!!

When I was there they were getting their christmas delivery - all the stuff looks amazing especially the angel delight (which I would happily just take one of the giant stars to have in my room as it looked class!) I picked up a fresher's pack - I know you can get three different kinds but the girls in the shop just told me the different things you could get so I went around and chose what I wanted:

(not pictured is a mini wee tub of skin drink that was included in the pack and rockstar as I used it last night!)

So we have a vitamin C and E toner tabs, I should coco, sugar scrub, a crash course in skincare and seanik solid shampoo.

So far all I have tried is the fresh face mask, I was a bit hesitant about doing it purely because of how stupid my skin is but it was lovely :) I can see why so many people are obsessed with these things! Skin felt tight when it was drying (I started to worry lol) but it was super super soft when washed off :) I just get annoyed at having to keep it in the fridge :S EUGH!!

Rockstar...honestly do not have an opinion about it at all. I don't feel that it left a scent on my skin but it did make my skin have that tight feeling that I hate when using soap (due to my eczema I haven't used soap in YEARS and now I remember why lol) and even though it was on my arms and legs, I just don't like that feeling at all.

Ooh I also bought yummy yummy yummy shower gel as I loved the smell of it but have yet to use it!

So overall Thursday wasn't as expensive as it could have been lol and I was pleasantly surprised by the lush goodies :)

Have a few other bits to blog about so there will be another one (possibly two blogs depending on how I feel ) tonight :)

Thanks for reading

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