Monday, 5 October 2009

My first experience of Illamasqua :)

I am definitely on a roll tonight :D

Today was a lazy day, I didn't feel like sitting around the house all day so I went for a "nosey" in Belfast. I went back to Mac to check out feline but as I said even though I only swatched it on my hand, I have the feeling it would really sting my eyes so I walked away.

Was dandering around all the different shops, and nothing was catching my eye so decided to head back through Debenhams before going back to the car and remembered about Illa. Was standing looking at all the different blushes and one of the MUA approached me and made a comment about my hair etc etc and the conversation flowed from there. Now I am not one for small idle chit chat at all especially with people I don't know, but this did feel really genuine (whether it be good training or was a genuine interest I honestly felt it was natural and just good!!)

She asked me if I was looking for anything in particular, I said no so then she asked if I had time did I want a wee makeover...who am I to say no? I walked away with the following three items but could have walked away with everything including the brushes that she used on me!

Picture does not do the colours justice at all! The light one is called Slink and is such a beautiful highlight colour, when she set it down in front of me I knew I'd buy it lol, the darker one is an olivey green called Flasher - this is serious LOVE! I had been told that green would suit my eyes last week and honestly it's never been a colour that I've considered before. However once on it looked so nice and I had to have it! It is honestly stunning. The pencil is something that really took me ages to come around to, it's Severe, a reddy with a slight purple tinge to it and she used it in my brows - WOW the change it made to my whole face was crazy :S I've never touched my brows with regards to make up (I know I know) and now with the red hair they're just sort of there and REALLY noticeable as they're so dark, with this on they blended in with the hair though!

RUBBISH swatches: L - R: Slink, Flasher (is not brown) and Severe

As I'm sure you have all came to realise by now, this blog lacks major pics of me... I HATE pictures of myself!! I have such a big round face and photos make me hate it lol but I took a few pics earlier just to show (not that you can see the make up LOL) but I'll pop a few in anyways :)

(Ignore the big fat looking nose :S LOL)

I know I look grumpy as hell but I really like this picture! You can see the colour in the brows and how (I think anyways) they're not as harsh and just THERE as normally lol. And btw I only look grumpy as I took this pic basically staring at the sun - I'm a brain box me!!

Honestly think I will go back (at some stage) for the foundation and concealer she used on me as it made me look great and actually stayed on all day without highlighting all my dry patches! SCORE!

Anyways...I do have another post to do on a few fab polishes I picked up today but am gonna head out with huffy :)

Thanks all for reading


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  1. love that picture of you - your stunningly striking ya know :)