Monday, 5 October 2009

(MORE) pretty new polishes :D

I went into Sally's the other day (both in Belfast and the Abbey Center!!) and neither had my hair dye :( so I decided I would treat myself to some "much needed" pretty colours! yea!!

Left to Right we have - flying dragon (neon) blue sparrow (neon) avalanche (< all China Glaze obviously!) and OPI reflecting pool. I know this is a mega bright picture with the flash but it really shows up how neon the first two are.

Here we have them without flash. The only one I have tried out so far is blue sparrow. As I found out with my previous neon polish from CG, is that they dry matte :( but it's all good with a load of seche vite on the top. Also this is packed full of glitter which made it very very hard to remove. This colour as beautiful as it was did not withstand my construction of my make up storage from ikea the other day :( BOOOOOOOOOO.

Ooh the CG i picked up £3.49 each 3for2 and the OPI was £4.65 with "my" Sally's card MWAH HAHAHAHA :) lol.

Right me lovelies, I'm heading out (can you tell I'm a tad tipsy from my ramblings tonight?!) Enjoy your nights and thanks for reading,



  1. I cant believe you get CG so cheap!!! So not fair lol!!! No where in Nottingham sells it :(

  2. It's not even my sally's card mwah hahaha! but I'm now in constant possession of it and when the rightful owner needs stuff she even sends me to get it for her :) love it lol