Tuesday, 20 October 2009

More Goodies!


I initially thought I'd been really bad with my purchases but I haven't...one was very indulgent but i got them anyways hehe!!

So to begin, I went into Space NK as I wanted one of those class looking EOS lip things, but NOOOOOOO stupid Belfast shop sent all there's back as they weren't selling (I would have bought one today but obviously doesn't matter lol!)

Was having a wee scally about, do do doing to myself around the shop and ended up in front of the shu uemura stand...

Now, in my defense I DO need new eyelash curlers as my others have gone walkies and were at the end of their days anyway!

As you can also see from above I got the Urban Decay Complexion Primer - the pore perfecting one, this feels SO good! and therefore justified! (This was bought from Boots btw, not space nk!)

Next, I went back to visit the lovely people at Illamasqua - they really are so nice! all of them, not a sour looking face in sight (MAC take note!!!!!) I really loved the foundation and concealer the last day I was in and they made me over and wanted to pick them up.

In the end up I got the concealer as I'm still not wearing enough foundation to justify buying more when I don't use what I already have.

I picked up the under eye concealer in UC 210 - really nice shade on me and lasted through out the crappy day where I got soaked about 5 times until I just took it off. The polish caught my eye while I was standing chatting to the MUA and it's Muse from the Sirens collection. Now I know this is obviously an old collection but it was such a beautiful colour and looks so different when it's applied...had to have it!

And onto my last purchase, I was told this is the polish that Whitney wears on the new ad for the City and it looks stunning in the clip. I had honestly forgotten all about it until I was in House of Fraser and seen the rest of the collection sitting out. (It's Indigo blue FYI!) The area manager happened to just arrive as I was asking about it, luck would have it that she had just came from Debenhams and told me the Lancome counter there had one left...so off I trotted (and got soaked again!) and completely forgot about the jacket I had went into HoF to look for...typical!

Was so chuffed once I got it hehe and it rather beautiful when (sloppily) applied but fear that it's not actually the polish that Whitney is wearing...I shall report further once it's applied properly!

Apart from that I bought a class new phone cover for my phone (black with silver sparkly stars) but forgot to take a picture of that and am too tired now :) I wasn't actually too bad compared to the damage I could have done so was pleased with myself!

Thanks for reading me lovelies!



  1. I thought it was just me at mac they are so sour and unhelpful!! The illamasqua girls would give them a lesson in customer care! I had a phone call a few weeks after I had my makeup done to see how I was getting on with the products!

  2. Hi Hun, I just came across your blog, I really like it! Just wanted to say hi, pls do come check out mine if you get time. Sarah x

  3. Av, wow really? that's definitely good customer service! they're all so lovely there...I ask stupid questions as I'm not afraid that they'll laugh at me hehe!

    Sarah will do :)